While you expect to get something even more than a vacuum cleaner for your house carpet stains, decide on a carpet cleaner. If you can deal with the best carpet spot cleaner machine, you will get the best possible stain solution. 

You often get stuck on tough stains and marks, shagginess, padded-down spots that seem irremovable. In this case, a commercial carpet spot cleaner machine will be your best partner.

Sometimes when in front of guests the persistent smell comes out from the carpet, it makes you uncomfortable. Here, a professional carpet steam cleaning machine can bring you the solution and give a fresh look.

However, we will introduce you to the 8 Best handheld portable carpet spot cleaner machines considering their portability, cost, sustainability, etc, so that you can cope up easily. So, let’s start!

Best overall

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner
  • Amazon best selling product.
  • It offers you professional cleaning.
  • 16 oz water tank to cover large space.

Best choice

Bissell 1400B Portable Carpet Cleaner

Bissell 1400B Portable Carpet Cleaner
  • Easily remove pet stains from carpet and upholstery furniture.
  • Easy to operate and store.
  • Removable water tank for easy refilling.

Best budget

Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner

Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner
  • Affordable price.
  • Lightweight so you can carry it effortlessly.
  • Used dual action formula to clean your every space.

1. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner – Best For Overall

If you don’t like to call a professional carpet cleaner in your house, or you don’t want to spend all day cleaning your carpet, Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Machine is an excellent fit for you. It is the number one best Amazon selling steamer in Commercial Indoor Upright Vacuums.

professional carpet cleaner

Key Features

  • Needed attachment

This compact carpet cleaner has included all your needed attachments to clean all the dirt spots and old stains from your carpet. So you can give a new look to your carpet after washing it. Mostly the 360-degree brushes are very helpful to reach every inch of the rug. 

  • Separate tank for quick cleaning

It has two separate water tanks. One tank contains hot clean water, and another picks up the dirty water after cleaning the carpet. You can take away the dirt spot, mud, ink, and sand from the carpet and replace the water when needed. 

  • Maneuverability

It comes in a smaller size and has larger wheels. As a result, you don’t face any trouble pushing or pulling this carpet cleaner around your living room. 

  • Simple refilling and easy setup

It has a 16 oz water tank and the water tank opening and the filling system are effortless. There are no leaks in the tank. As for the tank size, it feels adequate to clean your 10 x 12 living room carpet. It also has 2 Phillips screws to set up the machine easily. 


  • It’s straightforward to use, clean, and carry.
  • No need to add detergent.
  • The rinse option is convenient to operate.
  • Heated air feature helps the carpet dry faster.
  • Very easy to put together and take apart.


  • The plastic should be thicker.
  • Some users found the power cord too short.

Why will you like this steamer?

It works excellent to remove gum, coffee, and ballpoint pen ink from the carpet. So you can pick it as the best spot carpet cleaner. And it makes you smile with its year-round performance and 2 years of warranty. 

2. Bissell 1400B Portable Carpet Cleaner – Best For Choice

We keep this best pet stain spot carpet cleaner machine for all pet lovers. You can use it to remove dust mites, fleas, and other insects to keep the carpet safe for your pet’s playing and moving. 

best carpet spot cleaner machine

Key Features

  • Versatility 

When you have pets at your home, you need to clean every space of your home. Because the pets are constantly moving, playing, and sitting wherever they like. In this case, the versatility of this steamer will help you to do the job. 

  • Simple Operation system

It is one of the lightweight and portable carpet steam cleaners in the market. And the easy operable design makes your cleaning work easier, faster, and smoother. As it is small in size, you can also store it in your small cabinet without hassle.

  • It saves your electric bill

The long power cord and 3″ tough stains tool are very convenient to reach every tough space of your home. And the 3 amps power rating can reduce your electric bill to save your extra cost for every use. 

  • Removable water tank

You can remove the water tank to fill up the tap water. So you don’t need to carry all the cleaner to your water source when needed to refill the tank. That means you have to carry less weight, so no hand fatigue. 


  • Superb light to carry.
  • Easy to use and assemble.
  • The cord is really nice and long.
  • On contact dirt spot remover.
  • It is the right choice for pet owners.


  • The user’s instructions should be more understandable.
  • It makes noise when operating.

Why will you like this steamer?

Bissell is a top to bottom pet-friendly brand. It donates almost 10 dollars to their Bissell pet foundation when you buy every pet product from them. So as you are a pet lover, besides keeping your pet safe, you can contribute to other pets by choosing this handheld upholstery cleaner.

3. Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner – Best For Budget

The Rug Doctor is the best handheld carpet steam cleaner as this cleaner is designed by keeping your everyday life in its mind. You can use it for your daily cleaning purpose.

best spot carpet cleaner machine reviews

Key Features

  • Powerful and much-needed tools

The cleaner is attached with many tools to complete your job efficiently. Some of the tools are carpet washer, carpet cleaner, small carpet cleaner, carpet conditioner, water filter, water tanks attachment hose, stair tool, etc.  

  • Dual-action

The steamer cleans your carpet with dual action. First, it removes the pet hair, human hair, stains, odor from the carpet surface. Then spread a fresh smell to feel good. 

  • Retractable handle

You don’t need to bear its weight at your hand because its long handle and carpet-friendly wheels make its movement easy. Even its motorized brush helps you move it 1200 times per minute.

  • Lightweight and Portable

It is very lightweight at only ‎19.8 pounds and small in size. As a result, you don’t need to face any challenges to store it after using it. 


  • Work excellent for carpet and furniture cleaning.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Large water tank.
  • Very well packed, and every piece is intact.
  • Effective at removing dog stains.


  • Used semi-plastic to built its handle.
  • Continuous nozzle dripping is irritating.

Why will you like this steamer?

You would love this best portable carpet steam cleaner for yourself and as a true gift for your friends and relatives because of its pocket-friendly price. So if you don’t want to spend more bucks to have a carpet cleaner, you can choose it. 

4. Bissell 3624 Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner – Best For Pet

Our next pick is Bissell 3624 Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner as the best carpet spot cleaner machine for pets.  When you have pets, they pee in almost every area of your home. If you don’t clean the spot from time to time, it will damage your carpet. We choose this small carpet cleaner to remove your pet’s pee spot from your carpet. 

best carpet spot cleaner machine for pets

Key Features

  • Hand-free cleaning

Unless you use the steam cleaner, you have to use shampoo, carpet cleaner, water, and scrubber to remove the stubborn stains and spots from your carpet. But when you clean with the Bissell, it becomes a hand-free cleaning job. Amazing!

  • Large tank capacity 

The water tank of this cleaner can easily contain 3-4 gallons of water at a time. So you don’t need to refill it in the mid-point of your cleaning job. 

  • Superior suction power

After cleaning your carpet, you have to dry it quickly to enhance its longevity. In this case, the superior suction power feature is highly convenient for you. It takes a few minutes to dry your carpet.


  • Quickly remove the kids and animals messes.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Solid construction.
  • The cord is enough long. 
  • Easy to carry.


  • It’s a little loud.
  • Sometimes the suction tube cracks easily after a while.

Why will you like this steamer?

We recommend the Bissell 3624 Carpet Cleaner to get professional cleaning and a new look of your carpet. So you can grab it for your everyday carpet and upholstery furniture cleaning tool. 

5. Hoover Portable Carpet Spot Cleaner – Best For Portable

We keep another spotless portable carpet cleaner from Hoover. It is one of the best handheld carpet shampooers for stairs. You need to spray and scrub to clean any dark spot, spilled food, or beverages from your carpet or stairs, That’s all. 

best handheld carpet shampooers for stairs

Key Features

  • Compact and lightweight design

The machine includes many tools to serve your every need for cleaning. And 9 pounds of weight helps you to carry it everywhere as per your needs.

  • Easy to use

There is a self-cleaning hose to contact the exact place of the spot. On top-notch, it prevents bacteria growing chances which keep the carpet safe for pets and toddler crawling.

  • Easy to assemble

You can quickly assemble the 4oz Expert Pretreat Gel, 8oz expert clean, rubber nub tool, and spot cleaner. So, the cleaning process will be faster and smarter. 


  • Start cleaning within a few minutes.
  • The sucks are well enough.
  • Prevent the mold and funk growth.
  • Worth your investment.
  • Two years warranty.


  • The users’ instructions should be more simple.
  • The recovery tank seems undersized.

Why will you like this steamer?

The easy put up and operating system is the best part to beat others carpet cleaners in the market. So if you want to get the simple tool for your carpet cleaning, undoubtedly it will be the right choice for you. 

6. Bissell SpotBot 21117A Deep Cleaner – Best For Deep Cleaning

You probably know how stressful it will be to clean up a pet mess on the carpet. Here comes the Bissell SpotBot 21117A deep cleaner to clean your pet’s mess and other stains from the carpet. 

Key Features

  • automatic deep clean setting

It attaches a quick automatic cleaning and deep cleaning settings adjustment. As a result, you can use the fast cleaning mode to get fresh stains and deep cleaning to get exact cleaning. 

  • Rotating spiral brushes

The rotating spiral brushes are very effective in moving the suction hose to the suitable space of the dirt spot. So you don’t need to move frequently to reach the spot. 

  • Pet Oxy Boost Formula

The cleaner works according to the pet Oxy boost formula. This means after cleaning the carpet; your loving pet can comfortably sit, play, sleep, and walk on the carpet without any accident. 


  • Great suction power.
  • Cleans up stains completely.
  • It covers a larger area.
  • Super portable and easy to use.
  • No more pet’s urine smell.


  • The water tank can be a bit bigger.
  • A little overpriced.

Why will you like this cleaner?

It is a powerful and portable carpet cleaning machine that can offer you a hand-free clean and dirty spot-free carpet. It efficiently removes a 6 month old coffee or tea stain, human and pet hair, and skin from your carpet and stairs. 

7. Black+Decker Portable Carpet Cleaner – Best For Cordless

If you own the Black + Decker cordless carpet cleaner at your home or office, you don’t need to drag out a full-size carpet shampooer to clean the dirt spots.

best handheld portable carpet spot cleaner machine

Key Features

  • The wide nozzle

The nozzle of the cleaner which is used for the detergent is just a little simple pump with a reservoir. You have to top off between cleanings to use it properly and it will pick up the wet messes and chunky. That’s simple. 

  • Quick response

When you clean the carpet with this cleaner, you can see the output within 3 seconds. Its powerful scrub brush helps to take away all the stains and spots efficiently.  

  • Battery indicator

The cleaner’s battery indicator indicates how much power is saved to finish the task. That’s why you can easily predict the water tank refilling time.  


  • Well constructed.
  • Handy to clean for a spill or mess.
  • Plenty of suction for the intended use.
  • All the parts come off easily.
  • Works as advertised.


  • You don’t find any replacement parts.
  • The suction power is not great.

Why will you like this cleaner?

You can choose the Black+Decker cleaner if you want the best carpet spot cleaner machine that is compact, easy to clean, and pretty powerful. 

8. Hoover PowerDash Go Portable Spot Cleaner – Best For Lightweight

Our final recommended product is the Hoover PowerDash Go Portable Spot Cleaner. It can easily remove your pet’s hair from carpet and other pieces of furniture. This is perfect for cleaning your couches and a few spots on your rugs.

Key Features

  • No mixing hassle

When you use the cleaner, you don’t need to mix any detergent with water. It comes with a ready shampooer to quickly remove any toughest stains and pet messes.  

  • Dual tank system

There are two separate tanks attached with the cleaner. You can use one tank for clean water, and another tank for dirty water. As a result, you can quickly fill, empty, and rinse according to your dirt spot requirements. 

  • Lightweight and Portable

It is only 6.5 pounds and very small in size. So you can move it to your carpet, to the stairs quickly to clean every inch of the space. You can hide the cleaner in a short space. 


  • It’s so lightweight and compact.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • The suction is powerful.
  • The size is convenient.
  • Worth your money.


  • It has no wheels.
  • The user’s manual should have more detailed instructions.

Why will you like this cleaner?

It will be the best option for every pet owner, especially for them who have many pets at their home. Because lots of pets mean lots of messes, where Hoover PowerDash will be a fast and straightforward cleaning solution. 

What To Consider Before you Buy a Carpet Cleaner (The features you must know) 

It is essential to consider important things when buying a handy tool. So, you should decide a few fundamental matters before you go to buy a carpet cleaning machine. Let us share some facts with you to get a supportive machine.

  • Weight 

You should give your first priority to the weight of your machine. If the machine is too heavy, it will create an uncomfortable zone for you to operate. In the case of carpet cleaning tools, you should select a lightweight model. Because sometimes you have to carry this machine for nearly an hour. So, you must consider its weight and portability to carry it for a long time.

  • Hose/ Cord Reaches 

you have to consider your cleaning surface areas to predict how long cord you need to reach the space. In general, a hose is 2/3m long and a cord is 5-10m long. So, decide your tool based on the cleaning area so that you don’t have to customize your tool again and again. So check whether the cord or hose is that much longer or not. 

  • Tank Size 

When you choose carpet cleaner, you need to consider the tank size. We suggest you prefer at least a 1-gallon capacity tank. Besides, there are some tanks of carpet cleaners that are highly transparent. As a result, you see the water level easily and can refill it while needed. 

However, you can choose a dual tank if you want to go for a long time without having a break. But remember, it will increase the tool’s weight. So, you have to ensure the tank is an updated model, and it has a hair-trapping basket or integrated soap cap.

  • Warranty 

Warranty is another essential fact that you should consider. If you are new to using your carpet cleaner, you must focus on your tool warranty. It is because the product warranty covers two crucial sides

  1. It helps you save your repairing cost for a certain period
  2. It assures you of the cleaner’s reliability, and quality 

So, be sure of the product’s warranty while reading your manufacturer’s guide. 

  • Add-On

The additional attachments are an extra facility while using your tool. It increases the product’s comfort. Due to the handy attachments of your tool, you can get thoroughly to the tight or congest space, corners, and edges. 

As the attachments are not the same for every type of model, you have to check what you will get with your selected tool. And then proceed to buy.

  • Cost 

Think about the amount of money that you can spend in total to buy your carpet cleaner. Then, you can research the present market’s top carpet cleaners that can match your budget.

If you haven’t enough time to research, keep focusing on our recommended 8 best handheld portable carpet spot cleaner machines. You will surely get your best match.


How long do I have to be staying off my carpet right after cleaning?

In a word, it is 6 hours. So, try keeping the children and pets staying off the carpet for 6 hours. But, if you have no more other paths to move, then stay away for at least 30 minutes after cleaning. And, this time don’t move on the carpet and put on your shoes. 

Is it harmful to use a carpet cleaner?

If you use the carpet instantly after cleaning then it might be slightly harmful. Because it is the combination of naphthalene and toxic fumes that are harmful to kids and pets. So, we recommend you to keep your child or pet away after cleaning. But, after 5-6 hours you can use it without any worry. 

Do I have to vacuum my carpet after cleaning with a carpet cleaner?

Yes, you have to. It is good to wait a day after cleaning. And on the next day, keep using the vacuum as you do on regular days. 

What should I consider while buying a carpet cleaner?

We already have included a buying guide where you can see 6 essential facts to consider. You can go through our buying guide to get a clear idea.

Is it safe to use vinegar in a carpet shampooer?

Yes, it is safe to use vinegar. You know in general vinegar is not only a good ingredient for cooking but also a powerful disinfectant and cleaner. It’s acetic acid is very helpful to remove grease, dirt spots, and grime. It also works great to kill viruses and bacteria. 


Choosing the Best Carpet Spot Cleaner Machine among thousands of options on the market is pretty tough.So, we believe we have reduced your stress and saved your time. 

However, when it comes to cleaning your home carpeting, it reminds you of some common problems like- carpet ripples and buckling, filtration soiling, etc. So, to solve those problems, you have to choose the top-rated portable carpet cleaners. 

We have introduced you to the 8 best portable carpet cleaning extractors.  Now, based on your budget, carpet type, cleaning time, choose your perfect carpet cleaner. And, get yourself rid of all the silly problems you face every day with your room carpet. 

If you like to know our expert suggestion, then we recommend you Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner. You can easily rely on it for your safest cleaning. 

And you can choose the Bissell 1400B Portable Carpet Cleaner  for getting versatile performance. 

All the best!

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