While you want your laminate floor coated free of dirty water, you’re surely in search of the best steam mop for laminate floors. Users consider the laminate floor the best alternative to other types of floor like- hardwood. 

And the laminate floor is the creation of four layers that requires proper care. But, you need to moisturize carefully to get long-lasting durability. Also, some chemicals can damage the laminate floor’s bonding agents. Therefore your floor will lose its gorgeous look.

However, your concern will lead you to get a handy steam mop. But, if you are not confident which one to decide, follow our shared ones. To help you out, we are here to show our 7 best steamers for laminate floors from the research list. Let’s see what they are-

Best overall

BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop 

  • Multifunctional and guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Scrubbing free deep cleaning.
  • 2 years warranty.

Best choice

Shark Handheld Steam Mop

  • Steam lock button for heat adjustment.
  • Lightweight and Portable.
  • Smooth wheels for easy movement.

Best budget

Hoover Complete Pet Steam Mop

  • A very well made machine with brass fittings.
  • Handheld and easy operating system.
  • No use of harsh chemicals.

1. BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop – Best For Overall 

If your house floors are a mix of laminate floors and stone with a troubling shape, you need the best steam cleaner for laminate floors. Here, we keep the Bissell power fresh steam mop to remove dirt, streaking, and smudges from your floor without damaging your floors. We keep it top of our list as it is the number one Amazon best-selling mop under the steam mops category and has 32264 global ratings. So you can imagine how effective the mop is for your floor. 

best steam cleaner for laminate floors

The places where to use this mop

  • HardWood. 
  • Granite and marble.
  • Ceramic.
  • Linoleum.
  • Porcelain tile.
  • Sink.

Key Features

  • Keep your floor 99.9% germ-free

You know how important it is to keep your home clean and sanitized in this Covid-19 pandemic situation. You can kill any kinds of viruses, germs, and bacteria with this mop by the natural power of steam without using any harsh chemicals. 

  • Removable water tank 

The tank is removable, so you don’t need to keep the whole mop on a table when you have to refill the tank. This is a really cool and labor-reducing feature.

  • Easy assemble

You can assemble your required tools such as a scrubby microfiber pad, the carpet glider, and spring breeze fragrance discs within 5 minutes. So it doesn’t take much time to go to the main cleaning, which helps save your time. 

  • SmartSet Steam Control

It’s really very helpful to control the steam according to your floor’s types. This is why the mop comes with a smart steam controlling system. There is a steam level button on its handle so that you can set the steam level low, mid, or high as you need. 


  • It’s lightweight, and easy to use. 
  • Wide mop head for fast cleaning.
  • Super long cord.
  • Quick heating time only 30 seconds.
  • The cleaning pad is reusable.


  • It will be beneficial if it comes with two pads.
  • It is a little bit loud while operating.

Why will you like this steam mop?

Bissell steam mop can clean scuff marks, creosote stains and continuously brighten up your grout to look shiny every time you use it. And the low-profile mop head helps you reach the touch angles and corners of your floor for easy cleaning. 

2. Shark Handheld Steam Mop – Best For Choice

Our second choice is the Shark Handheld Steam Mop to cover your large house approximately 1200 square feet within 15-20 minutes. It is another best steam cleaner for laminate wood floors and any other floors. Shark Steam can remove the toughest stains and dirt spots from your floor. So it reduces your cleaning hassle.

best steam cleaner for laminate wood floors

The places where to use this mop

  • Ceramic tile. 
  • Vinyl floor.
  • Wood floor.
  • Hardwood.
  • Tile.
  • Linoleum.

Key Features

  • Swivel steering

When you clean the floor, you have to frequently change your mop direction to reach every inch of the floor. In this case, a swivel steering is very convenient for you to change the mop direction. Shark keeps the opportunity to steer your mop 360° angle to easy cleaning by considering your needs. 

  • Two interchangeable pads

It comes with two removable and washable

microfiber pads to interchange. So when one becomes dirty, you can machine wash it and use another fresh one to continue your cleaning job. And pads offer you both side cleaning and sanitizing your laminated floors.

  • On-demand steam power

The mop machine needs only 30 seconds to produce steam with ordinary tap water. So that you will get a clean and germ-free floor without chemicals that protect your babies’ and pets’ health as most of the time they play and crawl on the floor. 

  • Lightweight

The more your tool will be lightweight, the more you feel comfortable handling it for cleaning your surface. And here is the magic, this tool is only ‎4.87 pounds and includes 6 different accessories to deal with it efficiently.


  • It takes only one-fourth of time and effort than regular mopping.
  • No leaks when you use it.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Two-side mop head design.
  • XL sized water tank.


  • The cord length should be extended.
  • There is no on and off switch.

Why will you like this steam mop?

You would love this best steam mop for laminate floors because of its brilliant features and pocket-friendly price. And when you use it, the most challenging spots require no additional scrubbing to remove the stubborn stains, grimes, grease, and pet odors from the floor. That is amazing!

3. Hoover Complete Pet Steam Mop – Best For Budget

If you are a pet lover and face back pain problems when cleaning your floor, then the Hoover complete pet steam mop is the right choice for you. It is one of the best steam cleaners for laminate floors, which has a soft mop head to clean your hardwoods and tile beautifully. 

steam cleaners for laminate floors

The places where to use this mop

  • Hardwood floors.
  • Tiles and Grout.
  • Kitchen floors.
  • Vinyl.
  • Laminate.
  • Linoleum.
  • Ceramic.
  • Porcelain.
  • Stone.
  • Stairs.
  • Carpet and stovetop.
  • Baseboard registers.

Key Features

  • Versatile workstation

This handheld steam cleaner provides you ten separate tools to use for multipurpose use. So you can reach every corner of your home and say goodbye to all types of stains, grease, grime, and pet messes. 

  • Excellent water capacity

The large water tank helps you to complete larger jobs without too many refills. And quick heat, high and consistent steam pressure will also be very convenient for you to do the job by using minimum time and energy. 

  • Easy cleaning

It has two removable and washable scrubbing pads so that you can reuse the pads several times. And to attach the pads with the mop, just keep mop over the pad. It attaches the pads automatically without using hands. So the cleaning process is straightforward and effortless.

  • Chemical- free

You don’t have to mix any chemical, bleach, or anything with the water to clean your surface crystal clear. It produces high steam only by using tap water to kill germs and bacteria and remove any old stains from the surfaces. 


  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Handheld and easy to store.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to bring up and down the stairs.
  • Dries quicker than a mop or Swiffer.


  • It makes a whistling type of sound.
  • Tool storage is not handy.

Why will you like this steam mop?

You would like the excellent quality and versatility of this product. You can even clean the years of nastiness from your kitchen and bathroom surface with this simple steam mop.  

4. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multifunctional steam mop – Best For Versatility

Light ‘N’ Easy is a most popular and leading brand in the home and appliance industry. It is the best steam mop for laminate wood floors and offers you a fresh and clean environment at your home all the time. 

best steam mop for laminate wood floors

The places where to use this mop

  • Hardwood.
  • Tile.
  • Grout. 
  • Laminate. 
  • Linoleum.
  • Ceramic.
  • Marble.
  • Stone.
  • Vinyl.
  • Sealed wood.

Key Features

  • Touch sensor

It has a touch sensor feature so that you can activate its steaming by keeping your finger over the sensor. And when you remove the finger from the sensor, it will be deactivated. As a result, it will not waste your power which helps to reduce electric bills. 

  • Produce high heat

You will need extremely high heat to remove the stubborn stains and kill any tiny insects from your floor. This steamer can produce up to 212°f temperature heat to serve your purpose.  

  • Smart switch and steam settings

There is a smart switch on the handheld to adjust low, medium, and high heat. So you can select your steam level according to your surface requirements to avoid your floor damage. 

  • Easy to store

Most of the time, the users face the challenge when storing it because of its long stand. But, here you should not think about it. You can remove the steamer tank so that the tool is small to hide in a short space. Just lean the stand with the wall and keep the tank in a cabinet. As simple as it is.  


  • Quick attachable and detachable pad.
  • It is lightweight and easy to use.
  • The power cord is enough long.
  • Easy maintenance. 
  • One year warranty with the free replacement policy.


  • It has only one floor pad.
  • It does not glide across floors.

Why will you like this steam mop?

Light N Easy steam mop is a combination of all the innovative features you will need when cleaning your floors. So we can say it will be your smart buy for you to laminate wood floors. 

5. OApier S5 Steam Mop – Best For Lightweight

Our next pick is from the OApier brand because it designs and produces its steam mop by studying your needs. So you can consider OApier S5 steam mop as your best steam mop for laminate floors

best steam mop for laminate floors

The places where to use this mop

  • Hardwood. 
  • Tile.
  • Laminate.
  • Wood.
  • Vinyl.
  • Ceramic.
  • Marble.
  • Carpet.
  • Stone.

Key Features

  • Quick heating

After plugging the 20-foot power cord with an electric source, it takes only 20 seconds to reach its highest 212°f steam. So you can realize how it saves your cleaning time. It also helps you to handle a large area cleaning task within a short time. 

  • Large water container 

The water tank can contain 450ml water at once. So, the tank will not empty in the middle of your task and you can steam your entire room with just one full tank. On a positive note, it is only 3.5 pounds without water. The steam pad is excellent, which perfectly attaches to the mop heads. That’s why you can clean the surface quickly. 

  • Fast dry

It is very irritating if the floor takes a lot of time to get dry. But, when you use the OApier mop you can walk on the floor within seconds. And it will be utterly walkable within 5 minutes. 

  • Manual design

You don’t need to press any switch to activate the mop to produce steam because it is designed for manual steaming. When you push the mop on the floor, it starts to produce steam. And when you stop pulling, it stops producing steam. That means you will use as much heat as you need. 


  • It has a vast water tank.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Extended cord.
  • Strong steam.
  • The steam comes out as you push and pull the mop.


  • Not extremely powerful.
  • There is no swivel head.

Why will you like this steam mop?

You can choose this steam mop for you or as a gift item for your family or friends. You can say goodbye permanently to the ordinary mop and bucket cleaning job when you have this multipurpose tool. We can say it will satisfy you with its good performance.

6. Sienna Luna Plus Steam Mop – Best For Scientific Cleaning

If your house is three stories and mostly built with hard floors, then ordinary mopping is painful and can be a reason for your back pain. Why do you waste such an effort when you have a handy solution at your reach? Pick up the Sienna Luna Plus Steam Mop and make cleaning a breeze. 

steam cleaner for laminate floors

The places where to use this mop

  • Hardwood.
  • Tile.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Windows.
  • Kitchen. 
  • Countertops.
  • Children’s toys.
  • BBQ grills.

Key Features

  • Vibration technology

At first glance, you like its sonic micro pulse vibration technology to adjust the 3 levels of steam. The vibration technology helps you mop the pads on the floor, and it vibrates 90 times per second. The sonic effects help to loosen the stubborn dirt, grease, and grime. So it is absolutely a scientific solution for cleaning. 

  • LED light

The steam is attached to a LED light which assists you in showing your cleaning path. That’s why you can pull your mop over any area. The black light indicates and highlights the surface where you haven’t cleaned yet. So you can confidently clean every tricky area of your home. 

  • Reusable microfiber pads

It comes with a 6×13″ large washable, and reusable heavy-duty eco microfiber pad. Not only that, the pad easily attaches to the mop so that you don’t need to buy extra pads to clean your floor, which is cost-effective. 

  • 1500 watt unit

The steam needs only 1500 watt electricity to offer you this scientific cleaning solution. So you can enjoy an effortless cleaning time with minimum electric cost.  


  • heats up in exactly 30 seconds.
  • Enough hot steam to sanitize floors.
  • Flexible mop head.
  • Lightweight so easy to store.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • The water reservoir is smaller.
  • Sometimes the mop head will not fit under small furniture.

Why will you like this steam mop?

The Sienna steam mop is a combo of excellent features that you can use for your versatile needs. And it is powerful and enough large to cover a vast space. So we recommend it if your house is large and you don’t have an assistant to help you at your cleaning time. 

7. Moolan Steam Mop – Best For Professional Cleaning

If you are tired of cleaning your hardwood floor with a traditional mop and looking for a champ for cleaning laminate floors with steam mop. Then you can choose the Moolan Steam Mop for your excellent and comfortable cleaning. 

cleaning laminate floors with steam mop

The places where to use this mop

  • Carpet.
  • Hardwood.
  • Grout.
  • Tiles.
  • Ceramic.
  • Laminate.
  • Kitchen.
  • Sofa.
  • Window.

Key Features

  • 12 multifunctional tools

You have received 12 different types of accessories with steam to use on various types of surfaces. Some of these accessories are a mop head, angled nozzle, microfiber pad, long brush, round brush, etc. Just attach any one of these accessories and go for easy cleaning.

  • Professional cleaner

It’s very costly to appoint professional cleaners to clean your home floors every time. How will you feel when you get this professional service from a steam mop? Excellent, right. Yes, its hot steam offers you chemical-free professional cleaning with its multiple tools.

  • 180° triangle head design

Most users said that cleaning the most rigid corner is a big headache for them. But, when you have the Moolan Steam Mop, it’s not a difficult task for you. Because it has a 180° triangle head design, by which you can reach the harsh angles, corners, edges with ease. 

  • Adjustable steam level

The steamer reaches 212°f temperature within 15 seconds, which is amazing. So it attaches an adjustable steam level from minimum to maximum heat not to damage your floors. By tilting the button, you can select the steam level of the steamer. 


  • Well construction and durable.
  • It’s effortless to set up.
  • It is light to carry.
  • The steam mop works flawlessly.
  • One year warranty.


  • It will be great if it comes with a longer cord.
  • Tiny water reservoir.

Why will you like this steam mop?

If you buy the Moolan mop, it will reduce your cleaning troubles and ensure the best living environment for you and your pets. So undoubtedly, you can pick it up as your next cleaning tool.

The Considerable Features Before Buying A Steam Mop (A Perfect Buying Guide)

We found seven fundamental factors that you must consider while buying a steam mop. And, considering these seven factors will help you get the best laminate floor cleaner for shine.

  • How Easy  to Carry

Ensure your steam mop has two essential features. One is swivel steering, and another one is its weight. The lighter the steam is, the easier it is to carry. We suggest you not choose any steam mop that is more than eight pounds in weight. Because a clunky and bulky mop will never allow you to do your job with fun. So, it is essential to maintain these two features. 

  • How Powerful 

You can check through its temperature volume how powerful your steam cleaner is. Indeed, there are few different options for how you can check the steam power. Therefore, you have to read the manufacturer’s guide attentively.

You will find some steam mops with very few settings procedures. In this case, choose the steam mop that will give you different setting procedures.

And, different settings will assist you to use your steam mop in different types of cleaning tasks. So, don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s guide before placing your order.

  • How Big the Water Tank

Another crucial fact to check before buying your steam mop is the size of its water tank. If you don’t want to experience any inconvenience with your steam mop, you have to buy at least a 200ml water tank. A steam mop with below 200ml water tank will not be a suitable tool for cleaning your laminate floor.

  • Heating Time 

Heating time depends on how big or small the water tank is. If the water tank is large, it will take a bit much time to heat. So, considering your demand, choose whether you need a big or small water tank steam mop.  Because it is related to the quick or slow heating time.

  • Life-Span

Check the manufacturer’s guide properly to know the durability of your tool’s life span. If you get a warranty of 4 or 5 years, it will help you utilize your money more. That’s why you must consider the warranty or durability of the steam that you choose to buy.

  • Cost 

Your budget is significant to decide before you go to buy a new steam mop so as not to be embarrassed or stressed. You can buy your steam mop by spending approximately $100-$150. That is not a big amount when you compare the several benefits of these steam mops. And the warranty secures your investment for at least one to two years. So, fix your budget before you go.

  • Flexibility 

Manufacturers always claim that their product is well furnished and flexible for all types of floor. But, you have to ensure the steam mop you are heading to purchase is perfect for your floor type. To check the mop’s flexibility you can read the verified customers reviews to understand if the product really works best for every type of floor or not. 

The Benefits of Using Steam Mop

As you are researching the best steam mop so that you must know what the benefits of using a steam mop for laminate floors are? Though we like to share some excellent benefits of using a steam mop instead of a regular mop.

A steam mop comes with a variety of features that will make your purchase crucial. A laminate floor is a solid structure of wood. Let’s know some more advantages of using this tool.

  • Steam Mops are Safer 

While you use steam mops, you need water most of the time. As a result, you will find it safe from harmful chemicals. It removes any old stains and also gives you a very easy and deep clean that you can not expect from any other mops.

  • Eco-Friendly 

Needless to say, using a steam mop is environmentally friendly. As the steam mop doesn’t use any chemicals, it will not be harmful to plants, kids, and pets.

  • Kills Germs and Bacteria

Germs are invisible on your floor. In this case, the steam mop will give the surety to kill 99% of the germs on your floor. It is cool! 

  • Removes Pet’s Odor

This tool comes with the quality to remove the pet’s odor perfectly. In addition, it is well suitable to kill the pet’s eggs, flesh, and larva. So, you can have your pets at home worry-free.


Are steam mops safe on the laminate floor?

Well, the laminate floor is resistant to dirt and tough stains but not to moisture. In this case, the laminate floor seems more sensitive than the vinyl or hardwood floor. Therefore, you have to use the steam temperature for accurate measurement. Or else, it will damage your floor’s condition. If you can use the steam mops correctly, it is safe to use for your laminate floor.

Should I put distilled water or regular tap water on the steam mop?

It is our strong recommendation to use distilled water for your steam mop. It will increase the lifespan of your steam mop. But, in case you have no option, regular tap water will be okay too. 

Why does the laminate floor not look shiny?

Your floor will look dull if you don’t use proper cleaning materials. It can also happen due to built-up dirt. So you have to clean the laminate floor from time to time.

I often observe that my laminate floor looks cloudy. Why?

While you will use excessive cleaning goods, your laminate floor will look cloudy. That’s why you have to use the right cleaning tools to keep your floor shiny.

What to know before using a steam mop on the laminate floor?

There are some basic things that you must know before using a steam mop on your laminate floor. Such as

  • You should vacuum the floor before applying the steam mop.
  • Check whether the microfiber cloth is okay to apply at your cleaning time.
  • Keep your setting of the steam mop in a low volume while applying the laminate floor.

Our recommended others cleaner


Once you use steam mops, you will never want to leave it in your entire life. The best steam mop for laminate floors will bring your cleaning procedure deep and easy. The high temperature of the steam will remove all stains, dirt, bacteria, and grime with ease.

However, we have given you all the affordable and durable solutions for your laminate floor. You can choose anyone that will be your exact match. They will be safe and easy to use on your laminate floor. 

If you like to get our suggestions we will say to choose the Bissell mop as it is a champ from all the sides. And if you need a scientific solution, you can check the  Sienna Luna Plus Steam Mop. 

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