Are there so many bed bugs in your bed and you can’t peacefully sleep at night? Do you try many things to get rid of these bed bugs, but can’t succeed? Then we are here to help you through our best steam cleaner for bed bugs reviews content. 

However, bed bugs are tiny insects that can spread out to your entire home. Therefore, you must choose your steam cleaner in the approved manner to take away your bed bugs problem. 

Finding out the right one among thousands of options is tough in today’s market.  In this regard, we will introduce you to the 5 best steam cleaners in our bed bug steamer reviews. So, let’s see what these 5 best steam cleaners are!

Best overall

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner 

  • Multifunctional and guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Scrubbing free deep cleaning.
  • 2 years warranty.

Best choice

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

  • Steam lock button for heat adjustment.
  • Lightweight and Portable.
  • Smooth wheels for easy movement.

Best budget

Wagner Spraytech Steam Cleaner

  • A very well made machine with brass fittings.
  • Handheld and easy operating system.
  • No use of harsh chemicals.

Before going to the main review section, we like to share some important information about bed bugs. 

What bed bugs are? 

The tiny and oval-shaped brown insects are called bed bugs. They live on human and animal blood.  The size of an older bed bug is like an apple seed. This type of insect cannot fly but they have a quick-moving capacity. They can run on the floor, ceiling, and walls.

A female bed bug can lay hundreds of eggs at a time. However, the bed bugs can move from one room/apartment to another so quickly.

When The Bed Bugs Bite The Most?

In general, the bed bugs start biting while you go to sleep. They keep taking blood from 3 minutes to 10 minutes constant as long as they are getting energized. And, this insect is very harmful to human skin.

Where The Bed Bugs Hide

Bed bugs can enter your house through any of your belongings like- clothing, suitcase etc. Their flattened body size allows them to hide in any little place. You often fail to find them due to their brown body color and tiny size.

Now it’s time to move on the product reviews.

1. McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner – Best For Overall

If you are experiencing bed bug hell and can’t sleep at night, then McCulloch MC1275 steam cleaner can be your sanity. After two weeks of use, you can cut your bed bugs down 90% or possibly 100%. 

steam cleaner for bed bugs reviews

The places where to use this steamer

  • Floors. 
  • Rugs. 
  • Carpets.
  • Dressers. 
  • Beds.
  • Grills.
  • Car Parts.
  • Showers.
  • Upholstery.
  • Windows.
  • Kitchen.
  • Baby items.

Key Features

  • 18 Accessories

This steam cleaner comes with 18 different accessories for different purposes. By using the skinny attachment of the steamer, you can kill the bed bugs. In this case, a 15.7 feet power cord and 9 feet hose will help you to reach every inch across your king-size bed. 

  • Quick heating time

You need to wait only 8 minutes to heat the steamer. Within this time, the steamer can create 212°f temperature high pressure to blast the dust and kill any insects or bed bugs from any space of your home. 

  • Long time steaming

You can use the steamer for 45 minutes once you fill-up the 48oz water tank. So that you can complete your bed bugs hunting task efficiently without refilling the tank. 

  • Low electric cost

It takes only 1500w of electricity to create high-pressure steam. On top-notch, McCulloch built this best bed bug steamer to meet the U.S. voltage requirements. So there is no chance of electrical accidents because of unstable voltage. 


  • Used Heavy duty material. 
  • Create enough high pressure.
  • 100% chemical-free cleaning.
  • Versatile workstation.
  • Long power cord and hose.


  • Not perfect for hardwood floor and anything plastic.
  • After running out, the lid will remain hot.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

If you are searching for a powerful steamer for bed bugs, McCulloch MC1275 will be an excellent buy. So that you can enjoy a bed bugs-free life as it can cover 1300 square feet area. 

2. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner – Best For Choice

Have you become obsessed with your bed bugs and researched professional steamers for bed bugs? The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner can be your kicker. 

best steam cleaner for bed bugs

The places where to use this steamer

  • Floor.
  • Grout. 
  • Ceramic and tile.
  • Mattresses.
  • Furniture.
  • Kitchen appliance.
  • Bathroom.
  • Shower.
  • Cars interior.

Key Features

  • Essential accessories

The steamer comes with 17 professional accessories to solve every cleaning problem. You will appreciate the multipurpose accessories that will help you to reduce your cleaning tiredness. 

  • Powerful steamer

275°f superheated steam can kill 99% of viruses, bacteria, bed bugs, and other insects. So that you can enjoy a germ-free environment at your home and office when you have this heavy-duty steam cleaner.

  • Steam lock

This is the best feature that you must like the most. When you search for bed bugs from your mattress, you can lock the steam at a fixed temperature. When you find the bed bugs hold the steamer nozzle to the bugs, and the continuous steam will kill the bugs instantly. Awesome!

  • Large capacity water tank

You can fill the 54 oz water tank within 7 minutes. As a result, it saves your waiting time when filling the tanks with tap water. 50 minutes of continuous cleaning time will help you to complete your task with one tank of water. 


  • Solidly built to last long.
  • Simple instructions so easy to assemble. 
  • Very quiet operation.
  • Easy to use and hide.
  • 2 years warranty.


  • You would like an indicator of water level. 
  • Sometimes the brushes wear out very quickly.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

Dupray makes this neat cleaner that is simple and elegant, and the best dry steam cleaner for bed bugs. It is not just a copycat that looks like the others. The lightweight, portability, chemical-free Cleaning, and retractable handle will be very convenient for you as your everyday cleaning tool. 

3. Wagner Spraytech Steam Cleaner – Best For Budget

Our third pick is the Wagner Spraytech Steam Cleaner for your best budget choice. It is the  best steamer for bed bugs, having 4.4 ratings. 

best steamer to kill bed bugs

The places where to use this steamer

  • Floors.
  • Carpet.
  • Kitchen. 
  • Grout.
  • Appliances.
  • Countertops.
  • Mattress.

Key Features

  • Simple operating system

You don’t have to know any myths to use this steamer. The company will provide you a user’s manual with the steamer, and there everything is written for your easy operation. So that you don’t face any hassle to use it. 

  • High temperature

The 40 oz water tank offers you using the steamer for up to 40 minutes with one tank of water. And 212°f extremely high heat is enough to kill insects and remove any stubborn stains from your surface. 

  • Natural Cleaning

Using chemicals for cleaning your surroundings is highly dangerous for human and pet health. So natural cleaning is the best alternative to chemical cleaning. Here, Wagner cleans every surface naturally, which is very helpful for you and gives you a fresh smell.

  • LED indicator light

It has attached a LED light indicator. When the light turns from orange to green, you can understand the steamer is ready to start your cleaning operation. 


  • It has excellent pressure.
  • Deep cleaning and multipurpose use.
  • Easy setup and use.
  • Fast heating.
  • Affordable price.


  • The cord length is slightly small.
  • It’s a bit loud.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

If you have a tight budget and are fighting with bed bugs, try this cheap steamer for bed bugs. We can assure you that it will satisfy you with its excellent performance. 

4. McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner – Best For Versatility 

McCulloch MC1385 is a comprehensive cleaning potential tool for your personal and commercial use. So you can choose this cleaner as a commercial steamer for bed bugs. 

high pressure steamer for bed bugs

The places where to use this steamer

  • Floors.
  • Counters.
  • Appliances.
  • Windows.
  • Autos.
  • Mattresses.
  • Ceramic tile.
  • Grout.
  • Granite.

Key Features

  • 23 accessories

It is built for personal and commercial use; that’s why it has attached 23 different accessories for different functions. You can clean, sanitize, and deodorant every surface with these multi-functional tools. 

  • Great reach

It looks very challenging to reach the angles, corners, and tight areas when performing your cleaning job. But McCulloch MC1385 makes this tough job easier with its 18-foot power cord and 10-foot steam hose. 

  • Wheels and handle

The machine’s beneath wheels, and retractable handle makes the tool easy to move around your home and office. So no need to pick the machine up when you need to go from one room to another for cleaning. 

  • Onboard storage

Above we have informed you that it has 23 accessories. So if you don’t organize them properly, there is a high chance of losing anyone. Because there are many small tools that you require. The steamer has an onboard storage space to store the accessories when you finish the task. 


  • The unit runs a long time on a tank of water.
  • Consistent steaming for faster cleaning.
  • Long power cord and steam hose. 
  • Steam adjuster on the handle.
  • Super easy to fill water without a funnel.


  • No gauge to show the water level.
  • The plastic grip gets slightly warm.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

You need high heat to kill the bed bugs, and this steamer will produce 212°f temperature to serve your purpose. So you can use it for hunting every bed bug from your mattress and saying goodbye forever. 

5. Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner – Best For Portable Design

Are you totally exhausted with bed bugs and trying many pointless chemical treatments to win the battle? If so, then we keep the little gem named the Vapamore MR-100 dry steamer for you. Once you use it, you will definitely get rid of the worst experience of bed bug bites. 

best dry steam cleaner for bed bugs

The places where to use this steamer

  • Floors.
  • Kitchens.
  • Auto Detailing.
  • Bedding.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Grills.
  • Appliances.
  • Mirrors.
  • Sinks.
  • Facets.
  • Tile.
  • Showers.
  • Toilets.
  • baby and pet toys.

Key Features

  • Newest design

Vapamore analyzed seven years of customer reviews to select its Primo Steam Cleaner design. So you can realize how dedicated the designing team is to offer you the best products to ensure the best service. That’s why at first you like it’s small and portable design.

  • 20 additional accessories

You can do your job effortlessly with its 20 types of cleaning tools. Just attach the accessories with the steamer according to your requirements and perform the task. 

  • Excellent performance

It needs only 11 minutes to fill up the 1.6-liter tank, which helps you save your time. You thank the primo for its one-hour non-stop cleaning time without the interruption of 220°f temperature. 

  • Chemical-free Cleaning

When you can’t think of anything without chemicals to clean your bathroom, toilet, and kitchen, it will be the best natural cleaning solution. It uses tap water to produce heat to clean your surface and kill any insects. 


  • It is a very handy tool against bed bugs.
  • Lightweight and a heavy-duty cleaner.
  • Solid built so durably.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • It might be a bit noisy.
  • No replacement tools are available.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

You will feel relief after using this steam machine to kill bed bugs. Besides killing bed bugs, you can use it for any cleaning purpose. And the lifetime warranty secures your investment. So without any more confusion, you can choose it. 

A Perfect Buying Guide For The Best Steamer To Kill Bed Bugs

Here is our handy buying guide ona handheld steamer for bed bugs to help you save your time on researching. Our buying guide will assist you in buying the right and best high-pressure steamer for bed bugs depending on your budget, needs, and taste. So let’s see the features that you must consider before you go to buy your tool.

  • Duration of heating time

You need to work for a long time while steaming to clean your bedding or mattress. Since it needs a longer period to steam, you have to think about your machine’s duration of heating time.

A longer heating tool can serve you a better service for non-stop steaming work. So, ensure the maximum heating time of your steaming tool.

  • PSI measurement

PSI is the scale of the unit to measure your steaming tool pressure. If you want to buy an ideal tool, you have to check the PSI level of the steamer. Here we suggest choosing the tool whose PSI is more than 40 to confirm a high-quality performance.

  • Temperature 

You must check whether the steam cleaner is capable of raising at least 120°f to 200°f temperature or not. It is the safe unit of temperature as the steam emits heat before leaving the machine tank. So, it is another essential matrix that you should keep in mind before you pick one.

  • Tank size

The tank size will allow you to resolve the steaming time. It is very important to know the tank size because applying on bedding or sofa will sometimes take more than an hour. You will have to check the tank size of your selected steaming tool before buying to get the idea of the exact timing measurement.

  • The cord length

As you have to work anywhere in your house, you need a long-length cord with your steamer. Because if the cord is short, then you will need to change the plug continuously. In this case, choosing a long-length cord steaming machine will be your perfect assistant.

  • Cost 

You must also determine your budget to choose the best performing tool within your budget. Unless you fix the budget before researching the machine, you can spend some extra bucks. Determining budget will reduce your mental stress and also help you get a handy tool.

  • Check additional accessories

Many steamers come with a bundle of handy attachments and those additional attachments will give you extra facilities. For example, our all reviewed steamers have 17 to 23 additional accessories for performing different cleaning jobs. You can check them out.

How You Can Kill The Bed Bugs With Steam

Steaming is one of the most effective ways to kill bed bugs. But you need to ensure the quality of your steamer while going through steaming to kill bed bugs. In this situation, we suggest you use a commercial steam cleaner. And, your steam cleaner must have a minimum of 1-gallon volume control.

However, if you consciously follow some factors, you can easily kill or remove bed bugs. Let us explain those essential ways.

  • Temperature 

Clean your floor surface with a temperature of at least 160°f to 180°f. If you keep the temperature below that measurement, the bed bugs will not die. 

  • Avoid wet fabric

While you apply on fabric, ensure the fabrics are not wet. Wet fabric can not take the temperature of the steamer and the bed bugs will remain alive afterward.

  • Cover all your surroundings

When you use the steamer to kill bed bugs, try to cover every inch of space at a time. If you check one space, the bed bugs will hide in the other space because of their swift speed. On the other hand, if you steam everywhere around your home surface the hidden bed bugs will also die.

Some Alternative Ways To Kill Bed Bugs Except Steaming

  • Reduce litter 

If there are any unusable belongings or clutter like- toys, electronics, etc, at your home bag them and put them away from your room. It will not let the bed bugs increase their numbers.

  •  Dry your room belongings

Keep a regular wash to your infested clothes and let them dry properly in the sun. Bed bugs can not stay in the heat of the sun. In this case, all the bed bugs will die. 

Besides, other belongings that you don’t use regularly, dry in the sun once a week. Your room will be bed bugs free. 

  • Remove dresser drawer 

If you have a dresser drawer in your room where you keep clothes or other soft and necessary things, get them out. Bed bugs can easily lay eggs and spread them over the whole room from a dresser drawer. 

Our recommended others cleaner

How To Apply Steamer Over Your Bed Bugs (Simple Tips & tricks)

Here are some steamer application tips and tricks to follow. If you’re new to apply your steam to kill bed bugs, it will be the best guide. 

  • Have your steam cleaner with a minimum of 1 US gallon tank.
  • Attach the nozzle to the hose correctly. You should not use any carpet attachments.
  • Include some additional items with your steam cleaner while thinking of bed bugs killing. For example- mattresses, box springs, tacking strips, etc.
  • Move the steamer bit by bit over the surface to get complete coverage. 

Can I get a permanent solution to the bed bug’s problem?

Well, if you want to get a permanent solution to this problem, you have to follow some steps

  1. Wash your beddings regularly
  2. Dry them at 120°f temperature. It is because high heat is the top option to kill bed bugs.
  3. Try to vacuum your staff a minimum of thrice a week. The more you can vacuum, the more the bed bugs will go away. 

Is it okay to use a hair dryer to remove or kill bed bugs?

Yes, it is perfectly okay. But, using a hair dryer is not that useful to kill bed bugs. It is also very time consuming as the tool is very small to cover a vast space. 

How useful is it to use professional steam cleaners to eliminate bed bugs?

Using the professional steam cleaner is useful beyond all your questions. You can absolutely rely on professional steam cleaners. The lethal temperature of such tools easily demolishes the population of bed bugs. Besides, using steam cleaners is constructive while using carpet or room surfaces.

Is there any scant that I can use to remove bed bugs?

Yes, there are plenty of natural and chemical scents that bed bugs can not tolerate. Here are some of the best and effective scents

  • Bed bugs cannot go through the smell of fresh mint
  • The smell of garlic, cinnamon powder, alcohol, lavender, etc is also intolerable for bed bugs. And they get away or die of such smell.

How can I make sure to kill bed bugs with their eggs?

Well, while you steam at 122°f, the bed bugs will die with their eggs for sure. And while the temperature is 212°f, it will kill the bed bugs and destroy their eggs immediately. You have to apply the steam in every corner like- tufts and folds of mattress, sofa, bed frames, etc. to remove bed bugs from the root.


We tried to provide you all the essential information besides our top 5 steam cleaners for bed bugs reviews. Therefore, our high expectation is that you are now confident to choose the best steam cleaners for bed bugs after consuming our words.

Needless to say, our suggested 5 steam cleaners are well capable of working in a variety of areas. For instance- floor, tiles, grout, furniture, mattress, foam, etc. So, while you choose any one of them, you choose something to get versatile advantages. 

Our expert team recommends the McCulloch MC1275 for its overall performance and Vapamore MR-100 Primo to get the best designing tool. 

So, all the best for your next go in terms of the steamer for bed bugs.

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