If you’re planning to make a hang-out but are concerned about your garment’s wrinkles, steaming will be an excellent idea. We brought you a great solution in our content on steaming. We will introduce you to the 7 best handheld travel steamers to remove your dress wrinkle. 

Generally, wrinkling happens while you carry your clothes inside luggage or in a low-space traveling bag and also while you order your clothes online. Therefore, you will get an excellent guideline on all the best travel steamers of the year.

Besides, we will tell you how to use a travel steamer, benefits, buying guide, customer questions, etc.

We have organized our content considering all levels of users. So, you can easily go through it and solve your problem. Besides, this content will be your best answer to all your garments’ wrinkle problems. So let’s get started!

iSteam Steamer for Clothes – Best All-Around Travel Steamer

The iSteam Steamer is the most potent and handheld travel steamer with all the necessary features. 

best handheld travel steamer

The clothes that you can use this iSteam Steamer

  • Gowns.
  • Wedding Dresses.
  • Suits.
  • Jackets.
  • Shirts.
  • Blouses.
  • Coats.
  • Uniforms.
  • Jeans.
  • Pantsuits.

Key Features

  • Heating time

It will take less time to give you outstanding output. Around a minute, you need to heat this travel steamer. So you don’t need to wait more time to steam your clothes. 

  • Steaming time

iSteam will take only 10 minutes to remove wrinkles from your clothes. So, at this point, you can easily remove all the stubborn wrinkles according to your need anytime.

  • Filter capacity

Its nano-polymer water filtering capacity is 120ml and will ensure water purification that will automatically remove the calcification inside your steamer tank. 

  • Fabric types

If you’re confused about which types of clothes you can use the steamer, the iSream is perfect for all kinds of clothes: nylon, wool, cotton, linen, and wool. 

  • Portability

You will get an excellent multi-action result from this best portable steamer for wedding dresses. What is more, you can easily hide it in your luggage. 

  • Safety guidelines

You will get safety guidelines from the manufacturer at your buying time. It has an auto shut-down system, and spill-proof technology will make you safe and comfortable. However, the iSream steamer is suitable for all levels of users.

  • Power cost

The steamer is super cost-effective. It needs only 90-volt electricity to make the steam. Besides, it will work at 212°f. to remove the unhealthy agents on your garments.

  • Warranty

And, it will offer you a three-year warranty. So, you can undoubtedly consider the iSteam the best travel garment steamer.


  • The safety guidelines make the steamer less risky.
  • Convenient and easy to use and store.
  • Lightweight so that you don’t feel hand fatigue.
  • Excellent customer care service.
  • Nice shipping.


  • You cannot wear clothes immediately.
  • It will damage your clothes if you steam one space of the clothes again and again.

Why will you like this garment steamer? 

It is light weighted that you will enjoy carrying with you. It will benefit you by cleaning, ironing, refreshing, wrinkling, etc. You can choose this steamer to erase all types of wrinkles from your shirt, suit, and dress. It can even be a perfect gift for your friends and family. 

2. Polardo Portable Garment Steamer – Best handheld travel steamer

The most popular portable travel steamer is the Polardo Travel Garment Steamer. It is the combination of all the updated features, for example- automatic shut-off. In addition, handheld Steamer will be risk-free of calcification.

best portable steamer for wedding dress

The clothes that you can use this Polardo Steamer

  • Wedding gown or Saree.
  • Blouse.
  • Pants.
  • Napkin.
  • Trouser.
  • Jackets.
  • Coats.

Key Features

  • Solid material

The metal steelhead of this travel steamer will be a guarantee of reliability. And you will get all the quality performance due to its advanced technology of heating elements.

  • Aerodynamic 360° anti-spill design

You can put it anywhere on the surface due to its cool outer feature. The 360° anti-spill design of the handheld garment steamer is the meaning of the electronic pump system. And, you can steam your clothes from any angle evenly.

  • Easy to use

What is more, when you need to use it upside down, you can use it with no hassle. It will not leak or spit any drop of water during your steaming time. So, this steamer will let you make your go for your steaming and ironing without any water spills or burns. 

  • Water filling time

This steamer takes you less than half a minute to fill with water. And, it will not require you any extra minute to wait for restarting.

  • Remove Wrinkles

It offers you a wrinkle-free dress. It will guarantee you to remove all the wrinkles gently without damaging your garments.


  • Take less space to steam your clothes.
  • Perfect steamer when you are running late.
  • Suitable for soft fabrics.
  • Small but powerful.
  • Worth your every buck.


  • Doesn’t go well through the thick fabrics.
  • It will be great if it has a little longer cord.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

While you look for powerful and capable travel fabric steamers on the market, you will surely depend on Polardo Travel Garment Steamer. As you can use this steamer on all types of fabrics. Such as embroidery, nylon, cotton, satin, wool, silk, lace, etc. Besides, you will get a free eye-catchy travel bag to make your packing easy and a bonus brush for gentle use on delicates.

3. PERFECTDAY Garment Steamer – Best Lightweight Travel Steamer

If you want to get an unquestionable performance of your steamer, decide on this 800W  mini travel steamer. The Perfectday Garment will remove all your fabrics and help you get a  wrinkle-free garment.

mini travel steamer

The clothes that you can use this  Perfectday Steamer

  • Suits.
  • Jersey.
  • Blouse.
  • Wedding dress.
  • Tops.
  • Bed linens.
  • Table-cloth.
  • Napkins.
  • Sofa fabric.
  • Curtains.

Key Features

  • 8 steam nozzle holes

Its multifunctional features will offer you 8 steam nozzle holes. As a result, you will get a facility of quick venting and sufficient steaming temperature. In addition, its steaming temperature will ensure adequate water vapor.

  • Attach a fur brush

This garment steamer will give you a fur brush which will be a perfect dust remover from your clothes.

  • No clothing material limitation

Users like the Perfectday Garment steamer most due to its flexibility for all sorts of clothes. That means you have no clothing material limitation to use this excellent device. You can go for wool, nylon, organic fabrics, etc., while using this steamer.

  • Lightweight

The weight of this steamer is too light. So, you can easily carry it. And, undoubtedly, it is an excellent belonging for your home, office, or some other traveling spots.

  • Chemicals Free

It is environmentally friendly because it requires no chemicals or any harmful substances. You can use it by only heating water. At this point, we found it super eligible to keep your surroundings clean.


  • Save your fabrics from prone or tear.
  • Suitable for use on soft furnishing.
  • Perfect wrinkle eraser.
  • Easy to use, carry, and quite.
  • Durable.


  • Often, unable to give a crisp look to your clothes.
  • The water reservoir seems very small.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

You forget the most irritating heavy steaming method while using this mini clothing steamer. Instead, you can easily put it in your travel bag and let you make more space for other relevant stuff. 

4. Magictec Garment Steamer – Best Value Travel Steamer

Our next choice is the Magictec travel cloth steamer. It is another popular brand in the garment steamer industry. 

Portable Travel Garment Steamer

The clothes that you can use this  Magictec Steamer

  • Suits.
  • Blouse.
  • Wedding dress.
  • Jersey.
  • Bed linens.
  • Table-cloth.
  • Sofa fabric.
  • Napkins.
  • Curtains.

Key Features

  • Nozzle

It is made with the best nozzle feature that can steam evenly and remove stubborn wrinkles. And, removing wrinkles from your garments will not be too harsh. You will enjoy using this fantastic tool for your clothes. 

  • Simple and secure operating system

The operating system of this travel-size cloth steamer is highly secured. It means it will not be frightful if it is too hot anytime. Even if you find the water level is low, you have nothing to worry about any unavoidable accident. It is entirely safe to use.

  • Instant heating

It will heat instantly. After quick heating, you can use the steamer to make your clothes tidy and fresh. 

  • All types of fabric-friendly

You can choose it for all types of fabrics such as satin and nylon.

  • Required No Ironing Board

It needs less space; you do not have to be concerned about an ironing board. You can even steam your clothes anywhere in your room using a chain/rope.


  • A good combination of all steaming.
  • Fast heating to save your valuable time.
  • Long-Lasting and durable.
  • No more stinky clothes.
  • Affordable and well-designed steamer.


  • Some customers claim the water runs out quickly.
  • Slightly expensive.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

The top users call this steamer a 7-in one garments steamer. Now let us explain how it is a 7-in-one Steamer. 7 Combinations like- 

  • Cleaning, 
  • Sterilizing 
  • Sanitizing, 
  • Refreshing,
  • Treating,
  • Defrosting clothes and 
  • Removing wrinkles is its power. 

So, you will love to get all the combinations in one Steamer.

5. Polardo Portable Travel Garment Steamer 110 – Fastest Travel Steamer

We consider the Polardo Portable Travel Garment Steamer 110 the world’s best Steamer. So, if you want to get the top service from your garment steamer, we recommend buying this Polardo steamer 110.

Portable Travel Garment Steamer

The clothes that you can use this  Polardo Steamer

  • Wedding dress.
  • Sharee.
  • Kurta.
  • Blouse.
  • Jeans.
  • Coat.
  • Suit.
  • Baby dress.
  • T-shirt.
  • Cushion.
  • Sofa set’s fabric.

Key Features

  • High-quality material

It will ensure the highest performance in terms of its advanced aluminum elements and premium materials. Also, the NANO water filter will bring reliability to your regular tap water. 

  • Calcification protection

Besides, you don’t have to take extra care to protect its heating elements from the harmful effects of calcification. It is because the steamer is already protected from calcification.

  • Safe

However, you can use this fantastic tool as a special gift on a variety of occasions. It is a risk-free steamer that will automatically save you from a sudden burning accident. 

  • Fabric types

You can use it on cotton, wool, satin, nylon, linen, sequins, blends, embroidery, beads, and more. It is gentle and safe to use on the most delicate fabrics. 


  • Right partner when traveling.
  • Outstanding performance and saves time.
  • Will not burn your clothes.
  • Almost any type of fabric-friendly.
  • Wonderful customer service.


  • The steamer takes time to cool down after unplugging.
  • Requires frequent refilling.

Why will you like this steamer?

You will get all the facilities from the Polardo steamer and you can consider it as a lightweight travel Steamer. And, if you are concerned about different types of cloth materials (silk, cotton, embroidery, etc.), then Polardo  Steamer 110 will be the most versatile steamer for you.

6. Housmile Portable Travel Garment Steamer – Best Stylish Travel Steamer

Do you want to say goodbye to all your wrinkled garments?  Then make your go for the Housmile garment steamer with its Steamfast Auto Shut Off. 

travel steamers reviews

The clothes that you can use this Housmile Steamer

  • Baby dress.
  • Wedding dress.
  • Blouse.
  • Pants.
  • Trouser.
  • Coat.
  • Suit.
  • Napkin.

Key Features

  • Quick heating time 

It will take only 30 seconds, and you need 1000w of electricity to reach the exact heating level. So, you need not make tension while in a rush or hurry. 

  • Highest steaming time

you can keep your heating procedure for 11 minutes constant in the mean of its 120ml water tank. 

  • Smart LED indicator

The neat feature of this steamer is its smart LED indicator. The steamer will start switching to its status automatically right after every 30 minutes break due to its LED indicator.

  • Clothing types

It is a perfect gadget for your traveling that will release your worry for a great garments solution. Most importantly, you can use it for polyester, velvet, cotton, silk, wool, linen clothes. 

  • Lessen  Allergens

There are some garments which attract dust so easily. So, if you feel the same, this steamer will be your best choice to remove nasty allergens. 


  • Easy to use and manage.
  • Never hurts your favorite clothes.
  • Sanitizes and removes wrinkles.
  • No chemicals (unlike dry cleaning).
  • Fit in your pocket.


  • Small water tank.
  • It is not fit polyester clothes.

Why will you like this steamer?

You will love this clothing steamer because of its quick heating and more time steaming opportunity. The steamer is suitable for wool, linen, cotton, polyester, silk, velvet so you can use it for all types of clothes.

7. Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer – Most Advanced Travel Steamer

If your focus is on a perfect steamer design that will be most powerful, you must buy Lemontec portable travel garment steamer. It is a mini-sized steamer that keeps a  good balance between its size and performance. 

Most Lightweight Travel Steamer

The clothes that you can use this Lemontec Steamer

  • Wedding saree or gown.
  • Panjabi.
  • Suit.
  • Pants.
  • Jeans.
  • Trouser.
  • Napkin.

Key Features

  • Nozzle design

Its nozzle design is new so that you can distribute steam perfectly on your clothes. And needless to say that it works so fast to remove your clothe’s wrinkles. Therefore, you can consider this excellent steamer as an expert for your wrinkle solution.

  • Enough cable

Also, the package of this steamer will offer you a 2 points cable. So, here, you don’t need to take any extra cable with you while going outside. 

  • Lightweight

Due to its mini size, it is very lightweight. So, carrying it with you whenever you want will be a pleasure. 

  • Faster

Within minutes you can finish your job perfectly because it is faster than traditional iron.


  • Versatile use and effective for almost every fabric.
  • Great, small, and portable.
  • Kills bacteria to make your dress germ-free.
  • Allergy-friendly so no tension if you have fabric allergy.
  • Water spitting stopped and works excellent.


  • Some users found the water reservoir will empty very quickly.
  • It is not perfect for sports coats.

Why will you like this steamer?

It will cover all your safety concerns while using your steamer. And, an automatic shut-off trait will lessen your headache to turn on or off while it seems hot. 

More to Know

However, if it is your first time dealing with a travel steamer, you must know some fundamental information about travel steamers. In a word, you need to know more details. So, let’s know more about travel steamers, their benefits, using procedures, etc.

Travel Steamer

A travel steamer is used for removing wrinkles from your garments. It is better than iron because it requires less time, space, and energy. In addition, users find it comfortable to use due to its portability.

However, needless to say, a travel steamer is an excellent discovery  for travelers. And, when you think about your wedding ceremony, it goes without a doubt. Therefore, you will find it greatly useful. Nevertheless, let’s learn more about all the best travel garment steamers today.

The Advantages to Using Travel Steamer

You will get hundreds of benefits from using a travel steamer for your wedding dress. Let us discuss the best benefits that we have found based on the user’s reviews. Let’s see what they are-

  • Easy to Use and manage
  • Small in size and portable
  • Environment friendly
  • Lightweight and unique design
  • Less time consuming
  • Do not require vast space 
  • Fits you pocket

The Features To Consider When Buying A Travel Garment Steamer

(A Perfect Buying Guide) 

It is crucial to look at some specific features before you go to buy a travel steamer. It will help you find a suitable and quality steamer for you. So, let’s see what you should consider

  • Wattage 

The essential matter is to choose a travel steamer with high wattage. A high-wattage steamer will make your steaming easier and quicker. So while you need to stream the thick fabrics- materials cloths, you need a high wattage steamer.

  • Heating Time

If you need to get quick service from your travel steamer, you must consider its heating time duration. Some travel steamers will help you get your dress stream in seconds. In this case, you can save time.

  • Weight 

We found it obvious to decide on a portable travel steamer. However, while you take a heavy steamer with you, it will create stress. Yet, whether you need a heavy or light steamer will ultimately depend on how many clothes you need to stream at a time. It is because the more lightweight steamer will hold the capacity to have a small amount of water.

We recommend choosing a lightweight travel steamer to make your move comfortable.

  • Features

In general,  you will find the traditional travel steamer with few standard features. But, still, some exclusive steamers are made with plenty of elegant features, for instance-

  • Lint Removing Capacity
  • Sanitizing
  • Deodorizing
  • Ironing

So, depending on your necessity, you should consider the following features in your travel steamer. And, these features will surely give you a good feel.

  • Fabric Types

Some fabrics are well suited to steam, and again, steamers will not respond well to all types of materials. Here,  you have to make sure the tool will suit your outfit without damage.

It is essential to ensure the type of fabrics before you buy your steamer.

  • Using Easiness

It will be time-saving if your steamer has all the features to use with ease. So, we recommend you choose a travel steamer that has clear instructions. However, we ask you to make sure the steamer is not tough to clean. 

Also, be sure the tool has a filter that is entirely able to purify the tank water. It will remove sediment and water spots and also prevent garments damages.

  • Add-On

Some streamers have a type of fabric brush that you can consider the most useful feature of your steamer. And, in terms of its fabric brush, it will keep your steaming process more smooth and efficient.

Also, you can include other additional attachments like- lint brush, softening add-on, creaser, etc.  But, indifferent attachments, you have to consider an extra space, which can be pretty troublesome. 

How to Use A Garment Steamer

If you compare a travel steamer with a regular steamer, you will find it easy to use. It will not require a flat surface at your using time. What will be the way of your steaming will depend on three important things-

  1. Design of your Steamer
  2. Type of clothes you steam
  3. How much your available space

However, we will now help you learn how you can use your travel steamer step by step. So, let’s know-how

  • Step-1 Maintain the Hanging Height

Hang your garment up but make sure the height is comfortable for you to steam. Don’t hang the garment too up so that it will create a problem burning. Make sure that you don’t have to bend, twist, or hurt your back while steaming. So, maintain a standard height. 

  • Step-2 Be Aware of Garment’s Label 

We recommend you check your garment’s labels before you go for steaming. In addition, some fabrics require getting dry cleaner than steaming. So, be sure first. 

  • Step-3 Maximize the Streaming Power

Keep pulling and stretching your garments for a few seconds When it is ready to steam. Now, start moving the steamer downward to upward motion. This way, hold your steamer plate a minimum close to the garment. And, it will ensure the maximum power of your steaming procedure.

  • Step-4 Being Aware of Delicate Fabric

It is essential to be aware of the most delicate fabrics. If you deal with delicate fabric garments, you have to steam your clothes from an inch away minimum. But in terms of the thicker and heavier item, you need not be that concerned. You can steam them from every side.

  • Step-5 Bring Shape

Users often find it irritating while seeing the garment is still stubborn cuffs. However, if you find the same, keep rubbing on the garment and easily bring a shape.

  • Step-6 Keep the Nozzle Horizontal

Make sure you keep the nozzle horizontal while steaming. If you do not keep it horizontal, it will start dropping water droplets from the bottom steam-hole. And it will surely be a risky matter for you. So, to avoid an unwanted accident, we suggest you hold the nozzle horizontal.

  • Step-7 Avoid Crouching Down

We already have said that be aware of bending your back. It will bring you different physical problems later. So, in this case, if you find no way to adjust a standard height according to your height, use a chain or thick rope. 

And set the chain from one corner to another to your room. But you have to make sure the height of the chain is up to your shoulder. Now you can easily hang garments using a hanger and steam. And, you don’t have to crunch down to steam the bottom part of the garment.

  • Step-8 Add Tension

If you want to bring smoothness out of stubborn creases, you can add tension at your steaming time. But, also, you have to avoid running the steamer over the same area of your garment again and again.

Running the Steamer in one place of your clothes repeatedly can cause your garment fabric damage. And, it also can make you more prone to creasing of your clothes. So, be aware of that. 

  • Step-9 Ball Gown Steaming Hack 

While steaming the ball gown, start steaming the underskirt inside first., then on top, and gradually keep going on the usual way. And, see the amazement! 

  • Step-10 Taking Care

Taking care of your steamer will increase the life span. So, our recommendation for you is to take proper care of it. We suggest you tip out all the remaining water right after your steaming. And, you have to make sure the steamer is cool before packing. So, we don’t think that using a steamer for the first time is difficult anymore.

Travel Steamer vs. Regular Steamer

Steaming your clothes over iron is a great alternative no matter whether you are at home or outside. Steaming will help your clothing’s fibers to relax gently. As a result, the wrinkles will go away in a more natural way. Let’s see some differences between a travel steamer and a regular steamer.  

  • Regular Steamer

Although a travel steamer will bring you many advantages, you will get the regular steamer with more power. In addition, regular steamers allow you to remove wrinkles with ease while being at home. 

But the regular steamer will be bulky as well as weighty. As a result, packing in your luggage to take from one place to another is pretty impossible. 

Besides, these steamers will require some additional elements to get a perfect steaming result for your garments. This is the reason why the users often find it irritating to buy a regular steamer for any critical program, like a wedding ceremony.

The regular steamer water tank is extensive and contains a lot of water. And, that vast water tank makes the steamer weighty. But, due to its large amount of water holding capacity, it can create a lot of steam. And your garment gets wrinkle-free.

  • Travel Steamer

On the other hand, a travel steamer is unbelievably light-weighted, allowing you to hold it in your one hand. And, you can carry your steamer from one place to another hassle-free. Also, buying a travel steamer is a comparatively lower price. So, almost all levels of users can afford it.

And, the water tank, along with the travel steamer, is smaller, which makes this tool less-weighty. Anybody can use this steamer due to its easy feature combination. And, it is ready and fit for use in any sudden program. 


How long will it support after steaming my garments with a travel steamer?

Well, it will support for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on your steamer’s quality and features. Remember that the higher the power of a steamer, the better the service. 

Is there any possibility of an accident like a fire at my steaming time?

The accident is uncertain. And, we never can make a guarantee of it. But it is good to be aware of an accident while using your steamer. 

It can often cause fire or electric shock. So, we recommend you follow some instructional safety rules. For example

  • Steam in a vertical motion from up and down
  • Do not clutch the steam head down
  • Never tilt the steam head backward

Is it okay if I leave my steamer plugged in?

We suggest you plug out your steamer right after using it. However, it is a safety concern, and you should be careful about that.

Can I steam all types of fabrics?

Some fabrics can be melted with the heat of steam. At this point, you need to be sure whether your steamer will suit the material. So, if you are uncertain what fabrics should be steamed, check the fabric care labels.

Can I consider steaming better than ironing?

Of course, you can. Steaming will help you do your job in a minimum space. Besides, it removes wrinkles most acceptably. You need not spend much time and effort while steaming.


Our 7 best handheld travel steamers will not only help you remove wrinkles but also help you kill bacteria and smelly odors from your clothes. Furthermore, when we decide to make the list for your traveling clothes, we have read all the travel steamers reviews not to keep you in doubt about the quality.

While you will buy a travel steamer, you will get huge differences from a regular steamer. A travel steamer will have sufficient liveliness to refresh and decrease the wrinkles from your garments.

We have researched all the best handheld travel steamers considering the different variety of categories. And with those quality steamers, you can make your go for your wedding dress fearless.

Besides, our recommended steamers have all the quality features that can benefit you more than ordinary travel steamers. All the best!

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