It’s essential to keep your home and office furniture, kitchen, mirrors, grout lines, car interior, etc., clean and fresh. But after this Covid-19 pandemic, it’s not only essential but also a duty to live a disease-free life. 

When you are thinking about the best tools to make your cleaning process more effective, quick, and painless, that time we are introducing Dupray Steam Cleaner. Dupray is the world’s best company, and it is producing different types of cleaning accessories.

Now we are inviting you to know detailed information about 6 steam cleaners with this Dupray steam cleaners reviews. Here, you also get a useful buying guide and a series of FAQs in the last part of our writing. So no more words, just scroll down and grab which suits you best.

Steam nameDimensionsHeating timeCleaning timeWeightSteam typeTotal Cord lengthMaximum temperatureNo. Of kitsParts/Boiler Warranty 
Dupray neat steam cleaner10.5 x 10.5x 9.5 inches7 minutes50 minutes9 poundsmultiple22.6″275°F/ 135°C.18 pieces 2 years / Lifetime 
Dupray Home Steam Cleaner 16 x 10 x 10 inches8 minutes40 minutes 18.35 poundsResidential13.2″293°F/ 145°C.14 pieces 3 years / Lifetime 
Dupray one Steam Cleaner 16.93 x 12.6 x 11.02 inches8 minutes 50 minutes 10 poundsResidential22.7″303°F / 150°C.16 pieces3 years / Lifetime 
Dupray ONE Plus Steam Cleaner12.5 x 17.3 x 10.2 inches 8 minutesno downtime15 poundsResidential22.7″320°F / 160°C.17 pieces3 years / Lifetime 
Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner16.5 x 10.5 x 13 inches 8 minutes 90 minutes 16.66 poundsCommercial24.9″316°F/ 160°C25 pieces3 years / Lifetime 
Dupray  Hill Injection Commercial Steam Cleaner 21 x 16 x 20 inches8 minutes no downtime28 poundsCommercial24.9″347°F / 175°C.27 pieces3 years / Lifetime 

1. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Review

How do you feel if you get multiple benefits from a steam cleaner? Fantastic, right. Yes, our first selected steam cleaner is like that. The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner offers you every kind of cleaning. Now you can ask us where I can use this cleaner. Our answer is where not. 

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Review

The places where to use this steamer

  • House and office floor.
  • Remove grouts. 
  • Clean kitchen utensils and appliances. 
  • Ceramic and floor tiles.
  • Remove all kinds of spots from carpets, sofa, upholsteries.
  • Clean all kinds of home and office furniture.
  • Make germ free all of your bathroom, toilet, and basin spaces.
  • Sensitize your pet rooms, clothes, and beds.
  • Sensitize your car’s interior and upholsteries.
  • Kill all types of bugs and insects from your mattress.

Now, you know which places you can clean with this steam cleaner. So before making your buying decision, you need to know all other important features of this steamer. 

Some awesome features

  • 18 pieces of professional accessories kits

You can call the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner as a complete package of cleaning. It includes every single thing that you may need while cleaning. Such as 2 rectangular and triangular flooring tools, 1 window tool, 6 brass and nylon brushes, 4 microfiber cloths and pads, 1 lance, 2 extension tubes, and 1 add fresh fragrance disc. 

  • Working spaces

This is absolutely suitable for any flooring surface, such as titles, carpets, ceramics, etc. The steamer has some rolling wheels to make it portable anywhere.  

  • Heavy-duty material

Dupray uses heavy-duty material to make this steam cleaner stable and durable. Even it is only 9 pounds so that while using it you don’t carry more weight to operate it for a long time. 

  • Operation procedure

Some specific buttons on the steam make the operation process simple, easy, and straightforward. That’s why if you don’t have any previous experience of using this cleaner you won’t face any problem. On a positive note, there is a user manual guide with the cleaner to inform you operating information.

  • Maximum streaming capability

It takes only 7 minutes to get maximum heat to start your cleaning process. The highest steaming capacity is 290°F. or 130°C. and that heat is enough to kill bacteria, germs, rodents, and any other harmful insects. After completing the first 7 minutes of power connection, the power indicator turns orange to green to give you a signal that it is ready to work. 

  • Water tank capacity

This Cleaner offers you 1600 milliliters or 50 oz. water carrying capacity. So you don’t have to refill its tank frequently for cleaning a larger space. 

  • Low electricity requirement

This steam uses 120 Voltage and 1500w electricity to make heat for the steam. So you can clean your surroundings within a minimum fuel cost.  

  • Cord length

Yes, it’s a big issue when you want to use the Cleaner for a long room. But, you don’t need to worry about it while you have the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner because it has 16 inches cord and 6.6 inches hose pipe. So you don’t need to plug and unplug its power connection frequently to use it from one room to another room. 

  • Cleaner’s dimensions

It’s not too big or too small in size. It is 10.5″ in height, 10.5″ in width, and 9.5″ in length, which means it’s not precisely rectangular but almost similar.  

  • Easy water pouring funnel 

Do you think pouring water into the steamer’s tank without wetting surroundings is a challenging job for you? No problem, this cleaner has a funnel with it to make the task easier and comfortable. So you can refill water 90% more efficiently than other steam cleaners.

  • The eye-catchy design

Superb, portable, and lightweight design will attract you when you first compare it with other available steam cleaners. The cleaner has a rectangular shape with a smooth handle. As a result, you can carry and move it everywhere as you need to clean the surfaces. On top-notch, you can move it without any extra effort because of its rolling wheels. 

  • The warranty

Dupray offers you two years internal machinery warranty and a lifetime boiler warranty. That means you can secure your investment for a specific time. What an excellent feature it is to invest in this cleaner.


  • A professional quality cleaner at a reasonable price.
  • It kills 99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • 2 years warranty.


  • No water level indicator to show inner water.
  • It takes 20 minutes to refill water.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

It’s a multipurpose steam cleaner and absolutely the right choice for home, office, and car cleaning. 

2. Dupray Home Steam Cleaner review 

Have you a big apartment and face hassle while cleaning it? If so, then our next pick from Dupray is home steam cleaner. It can easily cover more than 2200 square fits of the apartment.

Dupray Home Steam Cleaner review

The places where to use this steamer

  • All kinds of flooring spaces.
  • Your home grout lines.
  • Household furniture.
  • Car’s interiors and upholsteries.
  • Kitchen utensils.
  • Window mirrors.
  • Small rugs.

Some awesome features

  • 14 pieces of professional accessories kits

You have got 14 pieces of cleaning accessories with it to keep clean everywhere in your home. The accessories are triangular and rectangular tools, connector, window tool, lance, small nylon and brash brush, microfiber cloth and bonnet, extension tube, and funnel.

  • Operation procedure

To make it easy to use, the company attaches steam ready and low water indicators, automatic shut off, and childproof safety lock. So you can understand how simple and easy the operating procedure of this steam is.  

  • Maximum streaming capability

It takes 8 minutes to get the steam ready to work, and it can do its duty continuously for 40 minutes with one time filling of water. The maximum streaming capability of this cleaner is 293°F. or 145°C, which can kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria to keep your surroundings germ-free.

  • Water tank capacity

This steam has a middle size water tank that can carry 34 oz. or 1-liter water. The boiler is made from stainless steel, so it takes less time to produce steam. 

  • Cord length

Since you need to take the steamer many places to clean, Dupray provides you with a 5.7″ or 1.7 meter steam hose and 7.5″ or 2.25-meter electric cord to make the cleaner more portable. 

  • Chemical-free cleaning

It’s one of the great features of this home steam cleaner. It needs only regular tap water to clean the floors and other surfaces. You don’t need to mix any other chemical to make the cleaning more powerful and effective.


  • Top-quality steam machine.
  • Small size but powerful.
  • Easy to carry and use.
  • Fast to heat up.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • The cord handle needs to be longer.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

By listing the name of that cleaner you can realize this is specially designed for home cleaning. So pick it up from the market as a tool of pure home cleaner.

   3. Dupray One Steam Cleaner review 

Don’t you like to use any chemical to clean your house, furniture, and kitchen appliances and search for a cleaner for chemical-free cleaning? Then we want to inform you of one of the best Dupray one steam cleaners that use regular tap water to disinfect and sanitize your home. It can be an appropriate choice to clean all kinds of flooring, furniture, bed, mattress, sink, mirrors, and small rugs or any surface at home or work.

Dupray One Steam Cleaner review

Some awesome features

  • 16 pieces of kits

You get 16 pieces of kits to make your job efficient, easy, and quick. The kits are triangular and rectangular tools, connector, window tool, microfiber cloth and bonnet, lance, funnel, extension tool, nylon and brass brush, plunger. So you can change tools according to your space type.

  • Operation procedure

No matter if you have a busy schedule and can’t manage more time for cleaning. It takes only 8 minutes to produce maximum heat for steaming, and by one water filling, you can use this cleaner for 45 minutes. Still, it has a steam ready and low water indicator gauge on its top, an automatic shut off system, and a childproof safety lock. Those all things help you to check the water level and avoid any unexpected situation.

  • Maximum streaming capability

When we compare the maximum heating capability with other available steamers, it offers you 303°F or 150°C. This high and adjustable pressure can kill up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses to keep you Covid-19 free. 

  • Cord length

It’s too dull to plug and unplug the electric connection when you move one room to another to clean the surfaces. So you need an extended cord length to easily and quickly move the steamer. Dupray knows it very well, so they provide you with a 6.2″ hose pipe and 16.5 electric cord that means a total 22.7″ cord to cover a vast space without frequently changing your power connection source. 


  • Portable and efficient Cleaner.
  • Make your home 99.9% germ-free.
  • Plenty of heat and steam.
  • Solid build.
  • Fast delivery.
  • 3 years warranty.


  • A little bit pricey.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

If you can’t take detergent or any kinds of chemical odor and like to get a non chemical steam cleaner for your house cleaning then it’s the perfect steamer for you.  

   4. Dupray One Plus Steam Cleaner review 

Are you looking for a steam cleaner with higher pressure to make your cleaning process easier? Then the Dupray One Plus Steam Cleaner is the right choice for you to clean, disinfect, and sanitize every space of your home. It can be the ultimate solution to your cleanliness. It’s a good cleaner for the floor, tiles, furniture, kitchen, bathroom, basin, mirror, and car interior. 

Dupray One Plus Steam Cleaner review

Some awesome features

  • 17 pieces of premium accessories kits

This One Plus steamer is one complete box of cleaning accessories to make all the things neat and clean. Some of the mentionable accessories are connectors, triangular and rectangular tools, funnel, brush, microfiber cloth, extension tool, window tool, and boiler key.

  • Maximum streaming capability

The more you create pressure, the more you can kill the germs and viruses. This steamer provides you 320°F. or 160°C or 65psi high-speed adjustable pressure to kill 99.9% germs and any other harmful insects.  

  • Water tank capacity

The water capacity of this Cleaner is really premium. It has two tanks to carry 0.64-gallon water. That’s why you don’t have to think about water level while using this Cleaner. Even it offers you unlimited time to complete your sanitizing task.

  • Cord length

Is your apartment or flat more than 1200 square fits? Then the adjustable cord length is pretty much enough for your apartment cleaning. It has a 6.2″ hose pipe and 16.5″ adjustable electric cord to connect electricity from any socket of your home. That’s why you don’t need to think about the source of power connection. 


  • Convenient for using anywhere.
  • High-quality material.
  • Remove bathroom odor.
  • Dual water tanks so no downtime.
  • Superheating dry steam cleaning.


  • It would be better if they use fewer plastic parts.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

You can choose it for high pressure with minimum time consuming dry cleaning. And most importantly, a 3 years warranty secures your investment.

   5. Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner review 

You feel great by knowing that the Dupray Tosca steam cleaner offers you commercial-grade benefits with its home grade steamer. You can use this Dupray commercial steam cleaner for your home deep cleaning by spending less time and energy. Tosca steam cleaner includes a bulk of features within this small-sized tool. It’s perfect for cleaning any hardwood floors, furniture, kitchen utensils including oven and fridge, bathroom, mattress, bed, car’s upholsteries, and many other things.

Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner review

Some awesome features

  • 25 pieces of accessories 

Have you been confused by hearing too many tools? Don’t be confused. Yes, as it offers you commercial types using, that’s why Dupray includes 25 pieces of accessories in this package of dry steam. Some of the kits are detachable 10″ steam hose, rectangular and triangular tools, lance, connector, microfiber cloth and bonnet, scrapper, refilling bottle, steel wool, small and big nylon, and brash brush, etc. 

  • Heating time with maximum streaming capability

It takes 8 minutes not to keep your waiting time lengthy. With one refill of water, you can continue cleaning for up to 90 minutes, and that is enough for a one-time cleaning. It can reach a powerful steaming heat maximum 316°F or 160°C or 72.5 psi to kill 99% of bacteria from every surface area. 

  • Water tank capacity

This steam can carry 1.05 gallon or 4 liters of water at a time to avoid frequent water filling. This fantastic feature reduces your workload from your shoulders.

  • Digital controlling system

It includes an active temperature and heating pressure showing gauge and maintenance reminder to handle all the things for effective and efficient cleaning. All these things make your cleaning process more comfortable, andmore productive. 

  • Cord length

It has a long electric cord of 14.9″ to cover the maximum area of your cleaning. Even if you need it you can adjust 10″ extra detachable steam hose to make it longer than regular length. 


  • Well built and durable.
  • Excellent dry steam cleaning.
  • Great customer service.
  • Quick water heating.
  • 3 years accessories warranty.


  • 25 pieces can overwhelm you about each parts usage.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

Tosca steam cleaner is perfect for all types of cleaning including home to office, kitchen to bathroom, bedroom to pet room. It kills 99% germs so it cleans the surface and keeps them safe from harmful insects.

  6. Dupray  Hill Injection Commercial Steam Cleaner review 

If you like one steam cleaner to use detergent to clean your home and office, this Dupray Hill Commercial Steam Cleaner is the right choice. As you use detergent with regular tap water, that’s why it gets double the power to kill every germs, bacteria, and virus. 

Dupray Hill Injection Commercial Steam Cleaner

The places where to use this steamer

  • Any type floor.
  • Kitchen cabinets to every appliance.
  • Small rugs.
  • Furniture.
  • Grout lines.
  • Car’s interior.
  • Mattress etc.

Some awesome features

  • 25 pieces of regular and 2 pieces of  free kits

Who doesn’t like to get free things? I know you also want it. By considering these factors, Dupray includes two free kits in its Injection Hill cleaner. Some of the regular kits are triangular and rectangular tools, connector, window tool, lance, small and big nylon brushes, extension, plunger, funnel. The most attractive two free kits are a cleaning case and a steam mop. 

  • Maximum streaming capability

It needs only 8 minutes to reach the maximum 355°F. or 175°C temperature to offer you more powerful heat. You know, the more powerful heat, the more efficient cleaning and the less time-consuming. 

  • Water tank capacity

It has adjusted dual water tanks with a capacity of 20oz that means you can clean all the untidy and messy places without filling water frequently. One time filling water is more than enough for one dry steam cleaning.

  • Cord length

Since you use it for different purposes, it is beneficial to have a long cord to cover a larger area. This Dupray steamer has a 14.9” regular electric cord and 10” extra detachable hose. So don’t think about the length of the cord. 

  • Digital interface

Now, all the things that you use are digitized. So why not you use a digital interface in your steam cleaner. Dupray injection cleaner is attached to a digital gauge with this steamer to observe water level, inside temperature, heating pressure, and maintenance. 


  • It works as expected.
  • Great for auto detail.
  • Powerful and efficient.
  • Easy to operate and carry.
  • Durable and portable.


  • Customer care needs improvement.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

As you can use detergent in the water tank of this cleaner; so it cleans your all surface 2X while comparing others. So you can pick it for better cleaning.

What to consider while choosing a steam cleaner – an ultimate buying guide

We think it’s very much appreciated to know all ins and outs of a product before investing some bucks for it. That’s why here we have included an overall buying guide by providing you every detail information that you must keep in mind when buying a steam cleaner. 

The built

First of all, you have to check out the steamer’s material because the more heavy-duty material is used, the more durable it is to serve your purpose. When we are talking about steamer material, Dupray is the best brand to offer you a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

Tank capacity

The water tank capacity is essential to offer you a more extended time cleaning. A large capacity water tank also adds some extra weight to the cleaner. But, you don’t have to think about it because our selected steam cleaners are attached rolling wheels for easy moving. Most of the steam cleaners can carry 48-64oz water for a one-time cleaning.

The steam controlling system

You have to think about the steam temperature controlling procedure before picking one steamer. Some cleaners include analog-type on/off buttons, and some cleaners include a digital gauge to observe water level and steam temperature. Some cleaners will automatically shut off, if the temperature or water level is going under the suggested level. 

Maximum temperature

There is no fixed maximum temperature, and it varies according to steam models, brands, and sizes. The more considerable size of steam offers you a higher maximum temperature, and the small size provides you a lower maximum temperature. And it’s going the same when you see brands and models. 


There are different shapes and challenging corners in your home, and they are more filthy and untidy than open places. Even all the dirt is hiding there. So you need a cleaner which can access every corner of your home to make the place clean and kill each tiny germs. 

The Warranty

Warranty secures your investment and keeps you tension free for a particular period. Most of our selected steamers offer you a 2-3 years parts warranty and lifetime boiler warranty. That means you can use these steamers without facing any challenge for at least 2-3 years. 

Inclusions in the box

You need different types of accessories to clean different kinds of surface. Using various accessories for various purposes will make your work easier, comfortable, and productive. Our listed steamers offer you 14-27 pieces of professional accessories. 

The accessories are various sizes and shapes. For example; cleaning tools, extension tools, hosepipe, brass and nylon brush, funnel, microfiber cloth, bonnet, etc. You can perfectly clean every corner with these super-effective kits.


You have to fix a budget depending on the types and workability of a steam cleaner. Otherwise, you may spend some extra money but can’t pick that much effective product. You can check the above Dupray steamer to get a highly efficient dry cleaner at an affordable price. 

The steaming power

It’s another crucial thing that you have to consider. The more the steamer takes time to get heated, the more time you have to wait and the more time you waste. So you have to choose a quicker heating steamer. In this case, all of our 6 Dupray steam cleaners take 7-8 minutes to produce maximum heat, which is very convenient for you.


No matter, a steam cleaner is only a house or office cleaning tool. A stylish and attractive design is much needed to make the work comfortable. Nevertheless, a nice designable steamer is also portable. So consider the steamer design as it is easily holding able, carryable, convenient or not. 

Power consumption

Every steam cleaner requires electricity to make steam as you use other heat-producing equipment. If you pick up too much electricity consuming steam, that will increase your electric bill. Average steam cleaner requires approximately 1500-1600 watt electricity to produce maximum heat for steam cleaning. 

So if you can pick a maximum heating steamer with minimum or average energy consumption, that will help you avoid spending extra bucks from your wallet.


You may think it isn’t too important to consider. But, suppose you have a very tight space or too vast space to clean. Then if you use a big size cleaner for the tight space and small size for vast space what will be the situation? 

So first check out your cleaning space and then buy a steamer to make an excellent decision for you. 

Cord and hose length

You need a longer cord to cover a vast space for cleaning and obviously without changing power outlets. You will find two types of cord with every steam cleaner. The first one is a regular electric cord to connect with electricity and the second one is a hosepipe. Dupray offers you approximately a total of 17-28″ of cord length to clean a vast area. 

Cleaning time

You need a quick cleaning tool to save some extra minutes from your everyday cleaning process, right. That’s why you are looking for a steam cleaner. If you live in a big apartment or have a larger space office, then a longer cleaning time steamer is helpful. On average most of the cleaners offer you 40-90 minutes one refill cleaning. You can choose less time cleaning steamer for a small house and a longer time cleaning for a larger home or office. 

Types of steamer

From our products comparison table already you have known there are three types of the steam cleaner. One for the only residence, one is for the only commercial, and the other is for both residential and commercial. If you want to use the steamer only for home, then go with a residential steamer; if you use it for only commercial use, then go with commercial types, and if you have both, it will be great to go with both types. 

How to use Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner?

You get a user manual with the package of this steam cleaner. By reading this, you can know the operating system. Since this steamer has 18 kits, that means you have to follow many steps to use all of them accurately. Here is a simple step by step guideline to use it. 

Step 1- Pouring fresh water.

First, open the boiler cap and pour 54 ounces of regular tap water into the boiler and close the boiler cap by screwing your wrist. After that, remove the spiral electric cord from the boiler then attach it to an electric outlet. 

Step 2- Press the power button.

Now, press the power button. At first glance, you notice the orange color of the button. Wait 8 minutes to produce steam heat. After completing 8 minutes, the power button turns green. Now, the steam is ready to work.

Step 3 – Connect the accessories.

You find a hosepipe, insert the male part with the female part of the electric cord. You have to press the trigger on the hose pipe to release steam. For continuous steam releasing, you can lock the trigger. When you need to remove the hose pipe, just press the accessory remove button then push it ahead. The hosepipe smoothly removes from the electric cord.

Step 4 – Attach microfiber cloth.

To clean any floor, take the floor cleaning tool, place it on the microfiber cloth and press it. The fabric automatically attaches to the tool. If you want to use any other cloth, then take a piece of thick cloth, place the tool on the fabric, fold the extra side and attach them with the tool’s clips. Then wipe the tool for floor cleaning. 

Step 5 – Using microfiber bonnet

You have to use a microfiber bonnet for cleaning any kind of triangular shaped surface. After placing the tool on the bonnet, fold the bonnet backward and start wiping the triangle place.

Step 6 – Using brass and nylon brush.

You have to use a nylon or brass brush for cleaning any small surfaces. Take the brush that you need, nylon or brass, then place the brush’s backside with the electric cord’s hole. Now, scrub the surface to remove small rugs from the place.

Step 7- Using window tool

For cleaning windows, mirrors, or any other glass surface Dupray provides you a window tool. There are two sides of the window tool. One is the scrubbing foam side, and another is the squeezing side. Attach a cloth with the tool and wipe it on the window glass and mirror. Before wiping, don’t forget to spray steam on the place.

Some precautions of using Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

Precautions can save you from any unwanted incident. Here are some precautionary steps you must follow.

  • If you need to refill the boiler, wait at least 20 minutes to cool it down. Otherwise, the boiler may blast.
  • Before inserting the electric cord, check the electric outlet. Is there any lick in the outlet or not.
  • Always maintain the cleaner suggested electric voltage. 
  • Please don’t touch the boiler inside while it is hot. 

What should you not steam clean

You can use this steamer in most of the places of residence and office. But there are some places and things where you should avoid steam cleaning. Such as

  • If there is any chance of damage to that particular thing, then avoid streaming. (Cardboard and water-based paint)
  • If any surface has pores, then don’t use steam to clean that surface. (Brick, marvel, and stucco)
  • Never use a steam cleaner on the food plants. ( Any kinds of food plant around your home and office surroundings)
  • Carpets that can’t tolerate too much heat.
  • Some furniture. (Thin plastic products, silks made material, velour upholsteries)

Dupray neat steam cleaner maintenance

The more you maintain your steamer, the more time you can use it without facing any problem. It also offers you extremely effective cleaning within a short time. Here are some steps to maintain the Neat Steam Cleaner. 

  • After using the steamer, let it rest for 8 hours to cool down.
  • Pour 50% vinegar and 50% regular tape water into the boiler and close the boiler’s lid.
  • Keep this overnight.
  • The next morning rinse it with fresh water. 

This is the correct and straightforward maintenance procedure of the cleaner.

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner replacement parts

While you purchase the Neat Steam Cleaner, you have got 18 kits for exactly cleaning your home and office. But if one of your parts gets damaged, and you need replacement, there’s nothing to worry. The Dupray is always beside you for any information and help. You can replace the damaged parts from Amazon by mentioning the parts name, identification number, and size. As simple as it is! 

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about a steam cleaner

Here we have made a series of 10 FAQs to provide you some extra information about the steam cleaner. Hopefully, this information will assist you in making your wise buying decision. 

Should you buy the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner?

Basically, it depends on your necessity. We can figure out some features to buy it. If these are your necessity, then you should buy a Dupray Neat Cleaner. The features are; affordable price, 50 minutes cleaning, 8 minutes heating time, multiple cleaning opportunities, easy to use, portable, durable, and long cord. These are enough to buy it. 

Where can the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner be used?

You can use this steam cleaner for many surfaces. For example, any types of floors, carpets, oven, fridge, kitchen utensils, office and home furniture, bathroom, basin, pet room, car’s inner side, small rugs, etc. 

Are Dupray’s Neat Steam Cleaner good?

The one-word and straightforward answer is yes. The company uses high quality and heavy-duty material to build this cleaner; that’s why you can use it everywhere you want. Even, it is basically designed for home and office work. That means two in one benefits.

Where to buy Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner?

You can buy it from your local shopping mall, but it’s very time-consuming. On the other side, you can buy it online and save your time, money, and energy; above, we provide you a link to the Amazon e-commerce website. Press the link and go to Amazon to buy it right now. 

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner price?

It’s very much affordable and fits your wallet. You can take this Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner by spending only 190 dollars from your pocket.

Can you put vinegar in a steam cleaner?

The answer of this question is quite tricky. You know vinegar is a natural sanitizer, cleaner, and odor removal. If you want to clean any hard surface like floor, tiles, vinyl, then you can use vinegar to your mop of the steam cleaner. If you want more and powerful cleaning, then you can use vinegar in your steamer. But avoiding this practice is better. 

Can you use tap water in a steamer?

Absolutely yes. Our listed all Dupray steamer is designed to use regular tap water for steaming water. So without any more worry, use tap water in your steam cleaner.

Does steam clean damage grout?

If you don’t use any hard chemicals in your steamer, then there is no chance for your grout being damaged by the steam cleaner. This dry cleaner makes soft all kinds of dirt from the grout and washes them away. 

What is the best steam cleaner for home use?

There are a variety of steam cleaners in the market with multiple price ranges. For all of them, Dupray home steam cleaner is the best for home use. Why is it, why not others? See, Dupray home steam cleaner is the name of this cleaner that means it is specially designed for home use. So it is  the best for home use.

Where are Dupray steam cleaners made?

Dupray is a Netherland-based company, but its commercial works (production, marketing, distributing) are organized from Italy. That means Dupray steam cleaners are made in Italy.

Final words

Hopefully, we can cover everything from features, using steps, to maintenance about steam cleaner by this Dupray steam cleaner reviews. Here, we have kept residential to commercial-grade steamers to make your buying decision more comfortable and faster. 

If you want to get our experts’ suggestions, we will recommend Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner for multipurpose use, home steam for residential use, one steam for extensive residential use. 

If you love what you know about steam cleaner in this lengthy review content, please share this with your friends and known people via social media because it will help them to stay clean and germ-free. 

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