Does steam cleaning remove stains? It is a significant ask for those people who have a large carpet in their house.

After busy times most house owners become unsure how they can clean their carpet and remove dust, germs, or stains.

Before a holiday or coming guest to the house, cleaning the carpet is really necessary.

In this case, steam cleaning will be the best option, and it works well to remove stains and dirt properly.

In this post, we show you how steam cleaning works and do it with some bonus tips.

Continue and know how to turn your carpet into a shiny or nice appearance!

What Is Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning Seeing this name, you may think that it uses steam to clean the carpet. It is just logical. Actually, it combines cleaning chemicals with hot water to get rid of dirt and grime from the carpet.

Steam cleaning is a profound cleaning way. It is very effective and easy to operate. Some people think does steam cleaning remove stains from carpet? Yes, it is possible, and by this process, you can remove tougher stains easily.

Is Steam Cleaning Good for Carpet?

Steam cleaning is really good for carpet cleaning which works deeply. The hot water is an explosion into the carpets at higher pressure to eliminate dust, dirt, and grime. The heat with moisturizer work to break down dirt or oils.

The suction from the device eliminates this broken-down dirt. Sometimes soft cleaning chemicals may be mixed to supply a good scent with extra deep cleaning.   

Does Steam Cleaning Carpet Remove Stains?

Yes, the steam cleaning process is the most popular and easiest way today, and it works well. But in some cases, it doesn’t work efficiently. For example, a few tougher stains like lipstick require other more professional cleaning methods.

Moreover, steam cleaning is one the best ways to get rid of dust to any harder water-soluble stains easily.

How Does Steam Cleaning Remove Stains?

For your convenience, we have made a complete guide to remove stains from the carpet by steam cleaning. Don’t need to worry. It is a simple way. While you are frightened to do this task, I should inform you that you can do it with great fun.

Scroll and see the steps.

1. Remove Furniture

Though removing furniture is not an easy task, you can remove only loose items and lightweight furniture. Move tables, chairs, toys, or any other regular clutter from the carpet or floor.

If you need to move any heavy furniture, you can take the help of wax paper or wood blocks under the legs, which keep them away from the wetness of the steam cleaner.

2. Prevent Extra Dust

Before operating the steam cleaner, you should dust ceiling fans and every corner of the ceiling. It needs to prevent extra dust from falling on the floor or carpet after cleaning. You can use a dust cloth with a long handle duster, making it easy to remove dust as much as possible.

3. Vacuum carpet

Carpet steaming is not like a vacuum. They especially come to wash and partially dry the carpets. If you want to get the ground dust-free, you have to vacuum before steam cleaning the carpet.

How can you do it? Below has been discussed in short.

  • Remove all loose things and furniture.
  • Dust every corner of the room
  • Do dust-free also the ceiling.
  • Use a crevice attachment around the walls as well as any remaining stuff.
  • Vacuum the carpet from different directions. The first direction has to be slowly with a 90-degree angle. Though it seems like overkill and the carpet fibers are warped, vacuum from a different direction. So, you can ensure that you are cleaning from every side.

4. Treat stains from the carpet.

When the carpet cleaning device eliminates a little bit of grime and dust, the heat complicated can make stains tough to eliminate. You have perhaps skilled it, having sparkled the carpet to get the tinge to come back a few days later.

Why? As your cleaning method forced the stain into the carpet protection, then the carpet fibers depraved it out of the stuffing and back to the carpet.

Here’s how to get rid of stains to keep the carpet from coming back. It is a similar process that familiar with getting dried paint, previous pet stains, and unknown stains out of the rug.

5. Add hot water to the steam cleaner.

Most machines add a high-temperature device for the water where hot water will help you. Add boiling hot water into the machine directly but don’t overfill the tank. Look for the maximum water tank filling line.

Some steam machine comes with measuring cup which will make your task easy.

6. Mix detergent

Add soap or detergent, which allowed the cleaning machine. For this, you should read the machine’s instructions, where you will get a complete guide on what types of detergent you can use. Put the accurate amount of soap into the hot water. But don’t mix too much, which will be responsible for ruining the carpet.

Some cleaning machines have a special compartment to give soap or detergent where some need to direct add into the water.

7. Opt for vinegar more detergent

Steam is not enough to clean the carpet. Use soap or detergent is a good cleaner. But if you have any problem with them, you can use natural ingredients like vinegar. Mix 50% vinegar with hot water.

8. Steaming the whole carpet

 After preparing your carpet and the cleaning machine, start your streaming to clean the whole carpet. Clean the floor properly.

·       Start from the corner:

Start cleaning from the corner, the door, and the doorway of the room. Work slowly; don’t give force or any pressure on the carpet.

When you start your task, don’t walk on the portion where you have already been cleaned.

So, it will be better if you make a plan before starting your job based on your room size and doorway.

·       Push the proper machine direction

Steam cleaners set the hot water and suck up the unclean water instantly from the carpet. So, pulling or pushing the machine in the right direction. If you have no idea to use the steam cleaners, you should read the direction of the device before use.

·       Stroll the machine into a straight line

Stroll the machine from wall to wall or from one corner to another, which is very effective. Pass over a similar line for the second time if the steamer lays the detergent mixer water going forward and sucks it up backward.

·       Move the machine slowly.

Steam cleaner machine works more slowly than vacuum. So, moderate the speed correctly. It needs time to suck up the dirty water, and so you can’t run it faster. So, it will be better to walk the machine slowly instead of quickly.

9. Let the carpet dry

You can turn on the ceiling fans, standing fans, air conditioner, or floor blowers in that room where the carpet is staying to dry faster. Open the windows and doors of the rooms to reach natural air and pass air from the room.     

Finally, after steam cleaning, allow your carpet to dry properly. Most carpet needs five to eight hours to dry completely. But some heavy rugs can take more time, like 12 to 15 hours. During this drying time, you should ensure anyone doesn’t walk on the carpet.

How to remove stains from carpet

Before steaming, you must remove the stains from the carpet. It will be more effective for steam cleaning. There has a lot of best ways to get rid of stains from your carpet.

Below I also share some proven and reliable processes. From here, you can learn how do I clean a stain out of my white carpet.

1. How can I get rid of old pet stains from my rugs?

If the stains come from coffee, wine, pets, and more, you can remove these types of accidents with homemade carpet cleaner.

Steps to clean carpet stains:

  • Smoothly scratch the spots
  • Dry and running from the external in
  • Rinse carefully with hot water
  • Blot again
  • Don’t scrub the carpet. There has a chance of running the carpet fibers or letting the drop soak by the carpet protection.

2. How do I remove some whiteout stains from a carpet?

There are various types of water-soluble stains like alcoholic beverages, colas, blood, tea, food dyes, milk, jelly, berries, red juices, and much more. How to clean them?


Make a cleaning solution with ¼ teaspoon of non-bleach detergent or white vinegar and 32 ounces of water. Use it to move the tough water stains easily.


Or, take 1 tablespoon of ammonia mixed and one cup of water. Mix them very well and apply them to the stains to remove them. But consider it is not appropriate for wool or wool-blend carpet.

Benefits Of Steam Cleaning

A fresh, shiny, and clean carpet is an efficient result after steam cleaning. But there have a lot of benefits to this process.

  • Purify the carpet: The heat of the steaming kills germs, mold, viruses, bedbugs, and fleas.
  • Prevents mold growing: Steam cleaning stops the growth of mold in the carpet. It doesn’t leave behind any water during cleaning.
  • Take away stains without bleaching: When you try to remove the stains from the surface of the carpet, it may discolor your carpet. But the steam cleaning process can’t do it anyway.
  • Expand the lifespan of the carpet: As it is a gentle method to clean the carpet, it helps your carpet to stay in good condition for a long time.
  • Safe for children: As here you can’t use any harsh chemicals, the smell of it will be safe for your children and even pets.
  • Environment-friendly: It is not only safer but also an eco-friendly process.
  • Give a new look: After cleaning your carpet, you will get a new look for your old one.
  • Remove Pet odor: If you have any pet in your house, its urine or odors are not good. This steaming process completely eliminates all these things simply.  

When Doesn’t Cleaning Steaming Work?

Does steam cleaning remove stains from upholstery? Yeah, it can do. Obviously, steam cleaning is a highly efficient plus fruitful way to remove stains or dirt.

But there are some conditions where the rugs can’t eliminate after steam cleaning. It is a very rare case.

Anyway, let’s try to know when steam cleaning can’t work appropriately.

·       Old or thin carpet

If your carpet is older or very thin, it won’t be easy to precede steam cleaning. And the stains or other dirt can’t be removed effectively. Sometimes, there has a chance to damage the carpet forever.

·       Bonded stains to the carpet fibers

Steam cleaning can’t eliminate some stains that have already settled into the carpet fibers. It is challenging to remove.

·       Less experience

If you don’t have enough steam cleaning experience and don’t apply this process from previous days, it will be tougher to remove old stains for you. In this case, you need to take the help of a professional carpet seaming cleaner.

Common Question Answers

If you are not sure about steam cleaning, read through some common questions that help you get some solutions.

1. How often should you steam clean your carpet?

At a minimum, you have to steam clean the carpet twice or thrice a year. 

Late Spring or Autumn are the best times since those seasons are warmer, which helps the carpet to dry fast.

If you have any pets or suffer from allergies, you should steam clean the carpet every season. It keeps the rug in good condition and puts it shine and dust-free all the time.

2. Have I used tap water to fill up the steam tank?

It can be better to use distilled water to fill up the steam water tank. It will be best if you collect hard water, minerals, or limestone water. It contains calcium plus magnesium.

3. Can steam cleaning kill the germs on the carpet?

Carpet fiber always may trap germs which maybe you can’t understand. But luckily, hot water for steam cleaning can work to kill germs or bacteria.

4. Is steam cleaning a practical way?

Yes, it is a worthwhile, natural, fruitful, and efficient process to eliminate stubborn stains from carpets. But use it correctly. If you don’t have previous experience, you should do it carefully or follow the instruction properly.

A steam cleaner can kill 99.9% of germs or dust mites from the surface of the carpet.     

Key Takeaway!

Does steam cleaning remove stains? Yes, it works more effectively, and you can get the answer to this question in this post. Here, you have a complete guide on how steam cleaning works and operating it to remove dirt from the carpet.

It is an easy way you may think of challenging tasks before.

Are you going to try this steam-cleaning process for your carpet? Don’t forget to leave a comment about the result that you get.

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