Most homeowners love decorates their homes with natural appearances. And Vinyl flooring today has become a favorite to them. This floor looks not only nice but also tough and durable. But now, the question has come to how to clean vinyl plank wood flooring carefully and properly.

Well, you can keep your vinyl plank floor clean by following some unique tips and tricks with daily care and love.  It helps the floor by making shine and maintaining polish which lets you use it for a long time.

Below we have shown some best ways to clean LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank). Just go through them and choose which one will be better for your floor.

Be proceeding!

What is Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank is now a superior, versatile flooring option that has surged in popularity last few years. The durability of vinyl contrasted with standard wood has made this floor beginner fasten in new homemade and renewal. It is a long-lasting, easy to manage, and even budget-friendly flooring option.

Today vinyl plank flooring is an extensive choice to install in any house. The natural prettiness of vinyl plank flooring is that you can install it in any room of your home like kitchen, bathroom, and hall room and where you want as your home decoration or where you want to give a wooden appearance provide an excellent looking.

The best option about vinyl plank is effortless to maintain, even if you have a child or pet for making messes on the hours.

The durability of vinyl, like the classic wood appearance, has made it more favorable to the new home construction. It is a durable carpet flooring design that is easy to dirt-free and maintains.

But are you thinking about how to clean the vinyl plank floor? Scroll and know it. 

How Does Vinyl Floor Become Dirt?

If you forget any dust on the floor, there has more risk of damage or friction with the floor finishing. You will be surprised knowing that how you can damage your floor with a little bit of dirt.

How Does Vinyl Floor Become Dirt

Small specks of soil or dust have sharp edges which can ruin the floor forever. Even fine particles of grime can act like sandpaper and damage the floor, finishing slowly.

How To Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring?

We have already discussed how your vinyl floor can dirt and grime. But when you are thinking about how to clean luxury vinyl plank flooring, this section will help you know about it.

The key benefit of luxury Vinyl floor cleaner is that it is a faster and super-easy way to clean and maintain.

Below are our guides on the best way to clean vinyl plank floors.

Best Way To Clean Vinyl Plank Floors

Best Way To Clean Vinyl Plank Floors

If you want to have your vinyl floor finish well, neat and clean, you need to maintain some tips. Here are excellent tips and tricks on how to clean a luxury vinyl plank.

How often clean vinyl plank flooring?

Well! It mainly depends on you. If the floor is in the kitchen, you need to clean it with mops after every usage. It helps your floor keep the shine, and good appear without food or drink stains.

If you think, you should sweep or vacuum it twice or thrice in a week. You can do it. In a month, you must apply deep cleaning or wet cleaning at least twice.

What ingredients Do you Need?

What do you need to clean with your luxury vinyl floor cleaner?




  • Broom
  • Vacuum
  • Mop for sweeping
  • Microfiber
  • Soft bristle brush
  • A mat – to avoid tracking dust into the home.
  • A bucket

Best Methods of How to Clean Vinyl Plank Wood Flooring

Let’s learn some methods and learn which way will be better or how to clean the vinyl plank wood floor.

Use Broom & Vacuum

 Use broom or vacuum as far as daily to keep the vinyl plank floor neat and clean. If you use the products often, it will be good. It is no matter when you will go for cleaning in your day, but if you keep your floor clean and dust-free, it will thank you for a good walkthrough on it.

Deep Cleaning

Suppose your vinyl plank floor needs pretty much TLC (Tender Loving Care) than a daily routine once you finish sweeping or vacuuming up grime. You can bring your trusty tile mop with a bucket to end the task.

Before applying sweeping or vacuuming or anything on your floor, it will be safe and better to read the flooring warranty. It will ensure and help you treat your floor and which way will be best for your floor. You can also lookup what products exactly suggest the manufacturer to use to clean your vinyl plank floor.

Steam cleaning

You can choose this process and get a gallon of warm water with the minimum detergent powder, dish soap, or apple cider vinegar. Take and mix them into a bucket and mop away.

After mopping the mixer, go back and sweep again to remove extra soap and vinegar. Do this job properly so that the floor becomes dry very soon. You can do it as a weekly floor cleaning routine.

Safety note for steam cleaning:

The steam cleaning process is not safe for vinyl plank floors if your LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) is built tough and the PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) material is water-resistance. That’s why you can use a mop or a Swiffer to clean your floor. It is safe for cleaning and protecting your floor.

From the above solutions, you can follow anyone you think is simple and the best way to clean vinyl plank floors professionally.

How to Clean Vinyl Plank Floor By Vinegar

How to clean luxury vinyl plank? Well, there are various types of ideas which you can follow. We have already discussed a few processes. Now we share with you another option.

Yes, it is apple cider vinegar.

It is also a common ingredient with most home kitchens and is even used as a carpet or vinyl plank floor cleaner. In a word, apple cider vinegar is an excellent lvt floor cleaner. But it is not suitable to apply for all types of surfaces. And for this, you should find some tricks to use vinegar as a cleaner.

Let’s learn how to clean vinyl plank floors.

The acidity of the vinegar works to remove grime and dirt without leaving behind made-up what soap can do. So, ensure you don’t use full-strong vinegar to clean the carpet or floor. It may dull the finishing, and you won’t get any way of polishing flooring to bring shine again.

To make homemade vinyl plank floor cleaner using apple cider vinegar, do it?

  1. Take a cup of vinegar
  2. And a gallon of water

How to Clean Vinyl plank wood Flooring with vinegar

  • Mix those ingredients and make just a simple cleaners product.
  • Now you can use a damp mop and then clean your vinyl floor.
  • Make sure to often rinse the mop with boiling water when you are cleaning.
  • If you seek to purify and clean the floors together, you can allow white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar.
  • If your vinyl plank floor is grimy, you can add few drops of dishwasher liquid with the vinegar and water before mop them.
  • Now go back to the floor for the second time with water and vinegar.
  • Finally, if you want to give some shine on the floor, add a few drops of baby oil into the water with a vinegar cleaning solution.

How to make vinyl plank floors shine

Vinyl plank flooring can lose the shine based on how it was maintained. So, let’s see how to clean vinyl plank wood flooring, locking the moisture and shine of the floor.

Step-1: Remove soap coating

Start removing the soap coating by cleaning the floors with vinegar and with the solution of water. You can use a commercial strong cleaning solution. But make sure covering of wax that you choose as a cleaner.

Make a paste mixing equal parts of vinegar with baking soda. Then smoothly scrub it on the floor. If it doesn’t work, use ammonia instead of vinegar.

Step-2: Polishing

A mix of baking soda with vinegar makes a good polish for the vinyl plank floor. So, you should make sure that you won’t scrub the floor very much.

Just allow the baking soda to do its work. You can use few mixtures with a small portion of the vinyl floor to see if it brings the shine back.

Do & Don’t During Cleaning Vinyl Plank Floor.

Though the following tips aren’t related to the cleaning of the floor, they will help increase the durability of the vinyl plank floor. Here we speak out some essential tasks that you have to do and some you should avoid.

What are they?


  • Put the furniture on the felt pad so that you can skip any scratches when you move across the floor.
  • Put down plywood while you have to roll any big item on your home as a new fridge.
  • Use an absorbent cloth or any nylon bristle brush to find stuck-on stains off of the floors.
  • Use a useable floor mat close to all doors.
  • Use a microfiber mop to clean your vinyl plank floor.
  • Rinse the floor using sufficient water after the cleaning task to eliminate the soap and other products.


  • Don’t get any furniture with rollers which will put a scratch on the floor.
  • Don’t guess that the floor can handle the crash of the biggest items being pulled on the floor.
  • Don’t use any knife or any other rough cleaner to scrub away stains, as you will finish up rubbing away the coat on top of the vinyl floor down with it.
  • Don’t use wax for the vinyl floor.

FAQ: Cleaning Vinyl Plank Flooring

  • Can I use a harder mop to clean the vinyl plank floor?

No, it won’t be a good idea. As rubbing with the toughest mop can scrape away the shiny finishing from the floor surface.

  • Does a rubber-backed carpet be put on your vinyl plank floor?

You have to avoid rubber rugs using on the vinyl plank floor. It can discolor or stain the floor.

  • Can I use a cleaning solution to treat wet paws and stains or spots?

Yes, you can use a cleaning solution to eliminate wet paws, stains, wine spots, and scuffs.

  • What temperature has to be the water during cleaning vinyl plank flooring?

Use temperate water in its place of tremendously boiling water. It can harm the stick which holds the vinyl plank with the floor.

  • Can I use a steam mop to clean luxury vinyl plank flooring?

No, you should avoid using a mop to get a dirt-free vinyl floor since the steam can seep by the cracks causing the planks to warp. 


How to clean vinyl plank wood flooring? This question has become a much more significant question now. And we have already discussed some proven processes in this post that must help you clean your vinyl floor.

We have also shown you some essential tips to maintain the shine and be safe from any scratch. If you want to give the floor a durable and strong lifespan, you have to clean your vinyl floor properly.

We hope this is a helpful article for you. So, enjoy your vinyl floor for more years.

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