Most homeowners think that shampooing isn’t the better process to clean their valuable carpet. So, they try to find out what is the best way to clean carpets professionally?

Well! There have various types of carpet cleaning methods. All of them aren’t equal for all types of carpets. Some methods are well for light cleaning, where some are essential to remove tough stains.

In this guide, we will guide you through some processes that must help you clean your carpet based on the requirements.

Continue on and know the best professional carpet cleaning method!

What Is The Best Way To Clean Carpets Professionally?

For professional cleaning at home, there have different types of the best way to clean carpet. Below we are going to share with you the five best carpet cleaning methods that are most proven so that you can do this cleaning task easily. 

1. Steam Cleaning

Does steam cleaning carpet remove stains? Yeah, steam cleaning, known as hot water extraction, is the best way to remove stains from the carpet. It is the most popular and professional cleaning technique where hot water is used at high pressure to penetrate carpet fibers and deeply remove dirt and bacteria.

Steam cleaning will take a very short time, at least one hour to clean the average home carpet and two hours to dry the carpet. This is only a home carpet required, but it takes a more long time for a commercial flat or official carpet. And you have to handle it to any agent without giving the duty on your cleaning stuff.

In this technique, the carpet needs to be pre-condition with any chemical cleaner. It will lift dirt or anything else tucked on the carpet fibers. Then hit the hot water to become steam before being injected into the carpet. Steam cleaning is the best process to remove deep stains and dirt.

2. Dry Carpet Cleaning

Our second solution is a dry carpet cleaning way. This is the best way to clean carpet which uses an absorbent compound that connects to dirt or other stuff in the carpet. Most time, a mechanical brush is needed to use to dispense absorbent compounds and interrupt dirty fibers.

The absorbent compound is well to remove dirt or stains from the carpet. It is clean up with the expert strong dry vacuum.

This process is great if your carpet is made from jute, coir, or seagrass that are responsible for damage when it is wet. For those types of carpets, dry carpet cleaning is the best method. This convenient process will take little time to dry the carpet, and it is also easy to do.

3. Bonnet Cleaning 

Like the previous carpet cleaning method, bonnet carpet is another carpet cleaning options. This cleaning process focuses the surface of the carpet on cleaning. The Bonnet machine is outfitted with a spinning stuffing soaked in the cleaning solution. It polishes the surface of the carpet, eliminating the dirt and grime properly.

Bonnet cleaning is a common process which many agents apply this way for official or commercial cleaning. But it will make a clear appearance on the carpet, which is pretty different than another process.

However, this method is an easy, faster, and durable solution. It even can remove all dirt and soil from the lower layer of the carpet. The means of it is that it is a deep carpet cleaning method.

4. Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is one the most common and best way to clean carpets professionally that still can be used now-a-day. It was a regular carpet cleaning method for heavy-duty carpet cleaning for a long time. This process has changed slightly with the use of technology.

Today, carpet shampooing engages foaming stuff that is applied into the carpet surface with a brush. A wet vacuum is worked well to eliminate shampoo with soil and dirt. But the cleaning carpet needs few times to dry.

The problem with this process is that the foam of the carpet can leave after a residue, and you should keep in mind to rinse out as well. This method isn’t more expensive than other machinery cleaning methods.

5. Encapsulation or Foam Cleaning

Our last best method to clean carpet is foaming cleaning, which is pretty fancy. It uses synthetic foam detergent that is well for your carpet applying with a brush machine. The foam even comes together into a powder. Since it does so, it soil can present into the carpet. The powder is vacuumed up along with dirt.

Encapsulation or foaming carpet cleaning is compete ideal way. But most professional agents would like to get this technique for deep cleaning. They like this carpet cleaning method because it takes less water to wash and less time to dry.

6. Treat With Clothes Steamer

A steam mop or clothes steamer can be used to deep clean your carpet. How?

  1. Vacuum the carpet:

Vacuum your carpet and remove all loose dirt and soil.

  • Sprinkle & Steam:

Take some baking soda and salt and mix them. Sprinkle your carpet with that mixer and use steam to reduce the mixture. When you are going to use your clothe steamer, hold it in head 6 to 12 inches away from the carpet.

Let the steam to moisten your carpet completely. Use a brush to work the damp mixture into the carpet fibers.

When you stop using the steam mop, use a microfiber mop head or any carpet attachment to go over the mixture of baking soda on your carpet. Again use the brush and clean the area.

  • Dry & Vacuum:

Now it’s time to dry the carpet. Use an old towel or a microfiber cloth which can be absorbing the loosened soil. Let the carpet dry completely. Allow vacuum to eliminate any dust or dirt remaining on your carpet.      

Avoid Some Mistakes For Carpet Cleaning

After discussing the best method for cleaning carpet, it is most important to share some mistakes which you can do during cleaning your carpet.

Make sure that you are cleaning your home carpet safely. For this, you have to call a carpet cleaning agent near you. They provide an expert team to clean your carpet which can be tough for you. They do it safely instead of damaging your carpet or rugs.

After all, if you want to clean your carpet following the best method for carpet cleaning, you should avoid some mistakes.

  • Avoid giving more pressure while brushing or scrubbing the carpet.
  • Don’t use any harsh brushes. Push a brush that can be rotated and pull on the carpet fabrics.
  • Remove all trace types of detergent, foam, cleaning chemicals, or shampoo as soon as possible. Residual detergent or chemical again lock the dust, soil, or dirt on the carpet fabrics.
  • Use fresh and warm water, and then apply it to the carpet for cleaning the carpet. Let the steam penetrate the carpet, and make sure you have removed the dirt and detergent or foam.
  • Don’t walk on the wet or damp carpet anyway.
  • Don’t neglect the necessity for much more ventilation during or after shampooing and steam cleaning. Just added ventilation to reduce the risk of mold or mildew, improving to locked moisturizer of the carpet fabrics.

Tips to Keep Clean Your Carpet

Carpet cleaning techniques are the best options to clean your carpet. Some tips you should know to keep your carpet clean regularly.

  1. Tidy the pet’s nails and claws to avoid pulling the carpet threads.
  2. Use an air-purifier for those rooms which you use most. It can lock the dust and dirt and can’t trap them on the carpet.
  3. Keep clean your windows and doors screen regularly.
  4. Have your home clean regularly so that any stains or dirt can’t lock on the floor carpet.
  5. Never think regular vacuum use can damage your carpet. 


In titles, what is the best way to clean carpets professionally? We have shared the most reliable and professional methods. We hope our mentioned processes to clean your carpet or vinyl blank floor are very useful and effective.

If you don’t get a more efficient and shiny carpet in one way, you can apply another one. You can just use any process based on your carpet’s requirement and enjoy your beautiful carpet regularly.    

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