Maintaining hygiene, cleanliness, and sanitization are the buzzwords after 2020’s Covid-19 pandemic. So you have to give utmost importance to proper sanitization of your home, office, and every surface of your surroundings. 

You can use different types of equipment and tools for hygiene maintenance. But, a steam cleaner is the best because of its quick, easy, and effortless using system. Even the steamers will make your surface 99% germ-free within one use. 

Do you look for the best steam cleaner to serve your hygiene purpose? Then you can check this Mcculloch steam cleaner review. Do you want to know – why?

This article describes the detailed information  of some Mcculloch steam cleaners. We make this list based on their performance, durability, and versatility. So, you can easily compare their merits and demerits to select the best steam cleaner. So, let’s explore the article to determine the best model for making your cleaning task easier.

Product Comparison Table of Mcculloch Steam Cleaner Reviews

This section will provide a complete comparison of the six Mcculloch heavy duty portable steam cleaners. It will help you to shortcut your buying process.

Features MC1375MC1385MC1230MC1245MC1270MC1275

15.6×12.1×10.5 inches13.1×13.3×19.1 inches10.7×5.1×8 inches13.5 x 3 x11.5 inches10.9x11x5.3 inches20.1x13x12.6 inches
2. Weight10.78 pounds13 pounds3 pounds4 pounds4.6 pounds12 pounds
3.Tank Capacity48 oz64 oz6 oz10 oz25-oz48-ounce
4.Steam power1500 wattsNP900 watts1200 watts1500 watts1500 watts
5.Heat Up Time10-12 min12 min.3 min.30 sec.5 min.8 min.
6.Cleaning time90 min.120 min.10 min.20 min.30 min.45 min.
6.Total cord Length28 foots18 foots15 foots and 34 inches15 foots19 foots24.7 foots
7.Maximum temperature212°f.NP200°f200°f212°f212°f
8.No of accessories20231171618
9. Warranty2 years3 months2 years1 years2 years2 years

1. McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner Review

If you look for a multi-purpose and eco-friendly McCulloch heavy-duty steam cleaner, go for the McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam cleaner. It can sanitize without harmful chemical agents and kill bedbugs, bacteria, viruses, and any other harmful insects. Plus, it can sanitize every type of surface and clear all the stubborn stains and mold. 

McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner Review

The places where to use this steamer

  • Working equipment.
  • Tiles floor.
  • Laminated floor.
  • Hardware floor.
  • Oven.
  • Patio.
  • Carpet.

You want to know some highlighted features of McCulloch mc1375 to get a clear idea, right. Then withoutdoing delay, let’s focus on the following sections!

Some Highlighted Features of McCulloch MC1375

  • Chemical-free cleaning

Most of the floor cleaners have steam and non-steam options. The mc1375 includes super powerful steam to rapidly clean and dissolve the stubborn dirt. It can clean all the dirt from carpets and metal. One of the most beneficial features is a chemical-free cleaning system. So, you can call it an eco-friendly cleaner.

  • Multi-purposed cleaning

It is a multi-purpose cleaner. You can use it to clean your tiles floor, laminated floor, workshop, and lawn areas. It can easily clean all the stubborn dirt, stain, food debris and grease from your oven. This multi-purpose cleaner can clean all the dirt from your backyard. So, you can easily do all of your cleaning tasks with it. 

You can call it all in one. Plus, this steamer offers many household cleaning activities without giving you a harsh experience and sacrificing your money and time. Besides, it is hassle-free to use. 

  • Unique 20 accessories to add versatility

This cleaner comes with a jet nozzle, angled nozzle, scrapper, filling cup, extension wand, brush, and many more accessories for extra versatility. You can use the jet nozzle or angled nozzle to set the focus on a particular place. Besides, you can use the extension wand to clear all the dirt from the challenging corners. 

A scrapper is provided to grease off your BBQ grill. There is a mop head attachment to remove the mud and extra kitchen dirt from your kitchen. Moreover, we can say these 20 unique accessories are ready to make your clean jobs simpler. It is easy to store that’s why once you have done your work, you can easily keep it in your storage bag.


  • 48-ounce water tank

A large water tank is included to hold 48-ounces of fluid. Also, it has a heater that takes around 12 minutes to heat the tank. The warmer water is created and stored there to make steam. Most amazingly, this 48-ounce water tank gives 90 minutes of on-going cleaning. So, it will give you a more extensive time to clear all the dirt particles with enough steam.

  •  10-foot longer hose 

It includes a longer 10-foot hose. This hose pipe is insulated to give protection from melting and also breaking. On a positive note, it is flexible enough, so you can easily fold, move and twist it to reach the most challenging space. But sometimes, this hosepipe is a little bit stiffer.

  • 18-foot power cord

Besides a 10-foot hose, the mc1375 includes an 18-foot power cord. So, you need not change its position according to your working area. You can plug an extension cord to make the movement easy. An 18-foot power cord will boost up its maneuverability.

  • No low-water shut-off

However, the MC1375 does not include a low-water indicator. Or we can say it does not have an auto shut-off feature to give protection to the unit. 

  • Replacement tools

The company offers you damaged parts replacement opportunities. Still, the MC 1375 steam cleaner comes with a 2-year of warranty.


  • A better choice for auto detailing.
  • Easy to fill, use and setup.
  • Fast and consistent steam.
  • A versatile cleaner.


  • It does not give any warning for low water.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

It is a multi-purpose steam cleaner with a chemical-free cleaning system. You can also clean your workshop, office, lawn area. So, it can be the appropriate steamer for you.

 2. McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System Review

Mc1385 canister steam cleanercomes with a wide number of attachments and powerful steam. It is also a better choice for cleaning and mopping. 

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System Review

The places where to use this steamer

  • Laminated floorboards.
  • Sealed floors.
  • Appliances.
  • House floor.
  • Car detailing.

Let’s know the highlighted features of the McCulloch mc1385!

  • 64-ounce water tank

McCulloch MC1385 comes with a large water tank of 64 ounces. It includes a trigger to lock the steamer and offers you a non-stop steaming. This water tank requires less refilling compared to the smaller units. 

It can ensure around two hours steaming. On top-notch, this pressure gauge ensures a checking for safety. It can differ between 2 and 4 bars. You can store a massive amount of water in your McCulloch steam cleaner 1385.

  • 23 versatile tools

Mcculloch mc1385 deluxe steamer comes with unique 23 accessories for additional versatility. However, you can also attach your hose to clean the appliances and flooring surfaces. 

  • Continuous steam flow

Mcculloch deluxe canister steam cleaner mc1385 delivers a continuous steam flow for around 120 minutes. You can quickly get your desired steam flow to clear all the stains and dust. 

  • 18-foot power cord

This McCulloch steamer includes an extended length cord and hose to make the cleaning process easy. It has a handle and cord so that you can easily carry this machine and store it. Mcculloch deluxe canister steam cleaner includes different steam control. It can assist you to satisfy your all cleaning requirements.

  • Easy to use

Mcculloch mc1385 canister steam is hassle-free to use. So, you can easily use and handle it for all the germs and dirt  cleaning. Moreover, you don’t need a higher knowledge for using this cleaner. It comes with a 90-day warranty.


  • Continuous steam flow.
  • Easy to handling.
  • Perfectly removes stains.
  • Suitable for deep cleaning.
  • Easy to store.


  • A little bit tough to assemble.
  • 10 minutes of heating time.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

If you want a big, portable, and robust steam cleaner, you can choose this cleaner. Because of this cleaner’s portability, you can carry and move it easily wherever you want to clean the stains and dirt.

3. McCulloch MC1230 Handheld Steam Cleaner Review

Let’s get introduced to our next product – McCulloch 1230 Handheld Steamer . It is one of McCulloch’s best models as it comes with versatile accessories, chemical-free cleaning, and premium support.

McCulloch MC1230 Handheld Steam Cleaner Review

The places where to use this steamer

  • Grill.
  • Outdoor.
  • Lawn equipment.
  • Appliances.
  • Tiles.

Now, we will talk about some fantastic features of the Mc1230 steam cleaner. 

  • Lockable steam trigger

This steam cleaner comes with an innovative design, powerful jet nozzle, and chemical-free cleaning. So, it will satisfy you by cleaning all the dirt in a continuous steam flow. You can operate it without pressing the buttons.

  • Powerful steam pressure

Its powerful steam pressure comes with 58 PSI. So, it will give more dissolving power to clear the stickiest stains and dirt. It will turn your work tougher to easier, time consuming to  faster, and inefficient to efficient. 

  • Tank capacity

If we talk about the tank capacity, it can keep around 0.18 quarts of water. But its limited tank capacity converts it into a lightweight unit. So it is easier to carry and helpful for spot-cleaning.

  • Quick heating time

Quick heating time is another useful feature of this cleaner. This steam cleaner takes only three minutes to make sanitized steam. So, you can complete your cleaner heating within a short time.

  • 11 useful accessories

Like other McCulloch steam cleaners, it also comes with useful 11 accessories and parts to make your cleaning process straightforward. It includes a suction power cord, hose, scraper, brushes, scrub pad, and nylon brushes. Besides, this steam cleaner will give you a storage bag.

  • Extension hose pipe

An 18 inches extension hose pipe helps for deep cleaning. So, you do not have to take the extra hassle. 

  • Continuous steam

It provides 10 min. at a stretch steaming. If you want to rub your dirt, untidy, and unhygienic surfaces and equipment, that time you can go for on-demand steam. 

  • Extended durability

This steam cleaner has been crafted with high-quality material. So, you will get extended durability and also get a 1 year of warranty.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Comes with a short heating time.
  • No harsh chemical is used.
  • Ensures effective cleaning.


  • Frequent water refilling.

Why will you like this cleaner?

If you want to buy a handheld ultra-versatile steam cleaner to remove grease and stain from specific areas, this steam cleaner can be one of your perfect choices.

4. McCulloch 1245 Rotary Action Steam Cleaner Review

Meet MC1245 Rotary Action Steamer! It has a powerful rotatory and three steam set up options. Besides, it gives you greater flexibility to provide you better performance.

McCulloch 1245 Rotary Action Steam Cleaner Review

The places where to use this steamer

  • Outdoor furniture. 
  • BBQ grills.
  • Wheels.
  • Engines.
  • Interiors.
  • Boats or motorcycles.
  • Lawn Equipment.
  • Appliances.
  • Tiles.

Move on to the next part because now we will discuss the highlighted features of this steam cleaner.

  • Rotatory action

This steam cleaner comes with excellent decisive rotary action. So it is easy for deep cleaning the surfaces.

  • Variable steam control settings

It has 3 different steam control settings – low, medium, or high. For maximum results, you can use the high option. It’s easy to touch control to use the rotatory action and steam at a time.

  • Natural clean

It does not require any chemical cleaning agents to clean your surface. That means, this steam cleaner doesn’t require any more artificial agents. As a result, you can use it without making your hands rough.

  • 10-ounce water tank

The McCulloch Rotary Cleaner includes a small water tank storing 10-ounce water. However, McCulloch MC1245 Rotary Action Steam Cleaner has continuous steam. So, you can clean your floors, and any other surfaces for an adequate period.

  • Durable design

This steam cleaner not only provides you better results but also adds durability. Its durable construction material prolongs its lifespan and gives a 1 year of warranty.


  • Faster heating time.
  • Perfect for all surface areas.
  • Can naturally clean the dirt.
  • Easy to sanitize.
  • Better suction power.


  • No extended hose.

Why will you like this cleaner?

If you want to buy a powerful rotary steam cleaner, then no doubt this McCulloch MC1245 Rotary Action Steam Cleaner can be a perfect match for you.

5. McCulloch 1270 Portable Power Cleaner Review

This cleaner will provide different steam settings, floor mops, and necessary accessories to ensure a powerful cleaning.

McCulloch 1270 Portable Power Cleaner Review

The places where to use this steamer

  • Floors.
  • Appliances.
  • Fixtures.
  • Outdoor furniture.
  • Tiles.
  • Kitchen countertop.

Some highlighted features of this portable Powerful Cleaner!

  • Large Water Tank

No doubt this portable cleaner has a larger water tank compared to other models. It can carry 25 ounces of water. So, you need not to think about its frequent refilling. On an optimistic view, you can use the water for 30 minutes. Apart from this, it includes different steam setting controls.

  • Portable Steam Cleaning Power

It is compact but comes in lightweight. So you should not think about portability because it will ensure maximum portability to deliver steam on your required area.

  • Integrated Handle Cradle

This steam cleaner has an integrated handle cradle that delivers convenience and makes it easier to carry. Moreover, it also attached a mop to clean virtually.

  • 16 Versatile Accessories

It includes a storage bag, jet nozzle, extension wand, measuring cup, brushes, and shoulder bag. Overall, it gives you all the essential accessories to help your cleaning task.


  • Quick steam.
  • Easy to carry.
  • No frequent refilling.
  • Excellent cleaning performance.
  • Natural cleaning.


  • Sometimes the attachments may lose connection.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

If you look for a severe steam cleaning solution, it is a heavy-duty solution for you as it comes with professional steam power.

6. McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner Review

If you want to buy a powerful steam cleaner for cleaning the BBQ grills or garage area – then this McCulloch 1275 steam cleaner can be the right choice for you. 

It comes with a robust nozzle set, lock switch, the water tank, and all the utility brushes for cleaning the toughest stain or dirt.

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner Review

The places where to use this steamer

  • Almost all Floors.
  • Appliances.
  • Fixtures.
  • Outdoor Furniture.
  • Tile.
  • Countertops.

Check out the highlighted features of the McCulloch mc1275!

  • Powerful jet nozzle

Mcculloch steam cleaner 1275 helps you to set the focus on a particular area to remove dirt efficiently. It gives the proper control so you can easily remove the dirt within a fraction of time.

  • Large water tank

A larger tank reduces the hassle of the frequent refill. Mcculloch 1275 comes with a water tank that can hold 48 oz. of water. 

  • Steam lock switch 

Mcculloch steamer 1275 provides a steam lock switch. So you can just push the lock button once. After that, the steam will flow continuously.

  • Scrub pad attachment 

Scrub pad attachments are useful for cleaning larger surfaces. If you look for a powerful steam cleaner to clean a larger area, you can go for this because it will meet all of your demands. It also provides 18 versatile attachments.


  • No extra cleaning solution is required.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fast to heat up.
  • Robust and solid build.


  • No hose storage.

Why will you like this steam cleaner?

If you like a mid-range steam cleaner with versatile accessories, then this MC 1275 is the right choice for you.

Factors to Consider While Buying The McCulloch Steam Cleaners

After getting the best names of some McCulloch steam cleaners, you also have to know some factors you should focus on when shopping. 

Let’s check out the factors!

  • Water tank

McCulloch provides removable or non-removable water tanks. So based on your preference and choice – you can select one. To get best performance, you should check the water tank capacity. 

  • Heating time

It is another essential factor to consider. If you want a faster result, you can choose a steam cleaner with a faster heating time. 

  • Accessories

All the essential tools and accessories are given with the packaging. So, you don’t have to buy or cost some extra expenses from your wallet. For this reason, you have to properly check all the accessories before choosing one steamer for you.

  • Weight

All the steam cleaners come with high-quality material and better durability. Even, no steamers  are the same according to their weights. So choose the model that is more suitable for you.

  • Steam flow

A powerful steam flow is essential for deep cleaning. Continuous steam or on-demand steam, triggered locking buttons all these features help you deliver an efficient cleaning.

Some Frequently Asked Questions To Enrich Your Steam Cleaners Knowledge

We have made a module of 4 frequently asked questions and their answers to inform you extra knowledge about the steamer.

How long does a McCulloch steamer take to heat up?

Various models of steamers are ready in the market to buy and they offer you different heating times. Some come a little bit faster, and some come with a little bit slower heating time. But generally, it will take at least around 30 seconds to heat up.

How hot does the McCulloch steamer get?

Mcculloch steamer can get up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you can easily use the warmer water for cleaning and mopping.

Where can I buy a McCulloch steam cleaner?

There are many retail and wholesale shops from the places you can collect this McCulloch steam cleaner. Besides, you can purchase it from online buying platforms such as Amazon. To short cut your buying process above, we have attached Amazon links to our 6 selected steamers. Just choose one steamer which you suit the best. Click the Amazon link and confirm your order. Within some working days, the steam cleaner will reach your given address.

Is it okay to use my McCulloch steam cleaner on the carpet?

Yes, you can use the mc1275 heavy-duty steam cleaner for cleaning the carpet.

Over to You!

The McCulloch steam cleaner provides maximum performance to make your cleaning process easy and hassle-free. Moreover, you have already come to know detailed explanations of these cleaners through our thousands of hours researching content. So, this discussion will be fruitful for you to navigate. And we hope our presentation also assists you for selecting the exact model for you.

But, we will suggest you, before making your buying decision try to understand your needs. Then do your own research by reading some web content like ours and the real users’ reviews. Then finalize your cleaner.

If you find this information will help your friends and they should use a steam cleaner to avoid Covid-19 virus then share it via social media.

Healthy life with proper cleaning!

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